Junior Competition Squad – Blokfest

The White Spider Junior Competition Squad (supported by Marmot) has got off to a roaring start this Autumn. 


They've bagged many top 10 spots in various comps over the past few months, showing the circuit that they mean business!  

Check out the squad's current positions in this year's Blokfest: 


Female U16s

1st place – Imogen Horrocks

3rd place – Libby Gamble


Youth B – Males

6th place – Ryan Caby 

9th place – Dylan Bibbs


Youth C – Males

6th place – Nat Hudspith


Youth D – Males

6th place – Chris Butcher


Youth D – Females

3rd place – Beth Christian 


Youth E – Females

1st Place – Madeleine Broughton 



The Squad at Round 1 with team coach Belinda Fuller. Photo courtesy of Steve Gentleman. 


Squad coach Belinda Fuller is also currently in 2nd place at Blokfest in the adult category – an impressive start all round! 


Keep up the good work guys, you are smashing it! 


Big thanks to Marmot for their support with the Squad. 

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Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations