What we offer

We offer fantastic climbing experiences for children aged 4 and up! Our instructors are trained   to a high standard and have experience coaching groups of all shapes, sizes and abilities. We work with many school and youth groups, offering both one-off sessions and termly bookings.

We can tailor a climbing programme to match your group’s requirements, whether it’s a GCSE curriculum, teambuilding or just a fun climbing session. If you’re interested in regular climbing, we can teach the NICAS curriculum; we’re the biggest provider in the country of NICAS, so we’re  super experienced in delivering the programme to a high standard.

We also offer sessions for those with SEND. Our instructors are very experienced with children   and adults with additional needs, and we can help suggest a programme of climbing sessions that will work for you. Our instructor to participant ratio may vary depending on the needs of     the people taking part, and this can be discussed and decided on as part of the booking                   process.

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Prices & Booking

We price our sessions per instructor. We operate on an instructor: participant ratio of 1:9 and each instructor costs £55 (off-peak, before 16:30 on a weekday) or £82.50 (peak, all other times) per hour. All essential safety equipment such as harnesses and helmets are included in this price. We also offer team building 30 minutes before your session for an extra £3pp (minimum of 9 participants).

The Booking Process:

E-mail Climb@greenspiderclimbing.com with the following information:

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Details of Bookee
  • Dates and times you’d like to book
  • The number of participants and their rough age range

Once we’ve received this information, we’ll check our availability and get back to you. Once we have agreed upon the date(s) and time(s) of the booking(s), we’ll send over a Group Booking Form for you to sign and return to us.

Once the form is returned, you’re booked in!

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations