We have a bunch of options for kids once they reach age 14.

If your kids haven’t climbed before, it’s wise to book them onto a taster session so they can get a feel for the sport and if they’d like to take it further. You can find Taster Sessions Here.

If your kids have climbed before, scroll down to find out more about learning to climb and climbing unsupervised here at Blue Spider.

Climbing Unsupervised

There’re a few different types of climbing you can do here at Blue Spider:


Climbing on walls around 3.5 metres high, without the use of ropes or a harness. We set short ‘problems’ on the bouldering walls, and the magic is in figuring out how to get to the top! We take safety seriously, so our boulder mats are there to ensure a soft landing.


If you don’t have anyone to climb with, and want to take on our big walls, the Auto-Belays are there for you. An Auto-Belay is basically an automatic rope, and will catch you if you fall, and lower you gently back to the ground. This means you can climb completely independently, with no need for a climbing partner. You can learn to use these independently.

Rope Climbing

Climbing with ropes is one of the more popular types of climbing. With the help of harnesses and belay devices, you can climb up our 10 metre walls. Of course, you’ll need a partner who knows what they’re doing! Learn to climb on ropes by clicking the ‘Learn to Climb’ button below.

Lead Climbing

Take the next step and learn to lead climb! This type of climbing is what you’ll see people doing outside on bolted routes!

You’ll need to choose which course is right for you, and what type of climbing you’ll be doing.

We recommend a Beginners Course as the fastest and most cost-effective way of becoming an all-round experienced climber. After the course, you’ll have the skills to boulder, auto-belay and top rope climb independently, without supervision. There are other options too, which you can explore via the links below:

Once you have attended a course, or if you know how to climb already, you’re ready to take your Youth Access Test. It’s important that you feel ready to climb unsupervised at Blue Spider, and are confident in your skills.

There are three levels to a Youth Access Test, and they all require a different level of skill, depending on what kind of climbing you want to do. Check them out below, and if you feel ready, book now!

If you want to check that you are ready, or need a refresher, we recommend booking a Private Session with an instructor to give you the best chance of passing your test. (Note that you’ll need 2 people on this session to refresh your rope climbing skills)


  • This is a scheduled social climbing session for experienced young climbers (14-17) who have completed a Youth Access Test (YAT), want to climb with a group of similar age and ability.
  • These sessions will be overseen by Blue Spider staff to ensure participants meet each other, but the participants will not be directly supervised.
  • This is not an instructed session. Anyone who wishes to continue learning new climbing skills with an instructor should book onto NICAS.
  • Participants of NICAS are welcome to also book onto the weekly Youth Social Climb sessions, as long as they meet the above requirements.
  • Youth Social sessions will be available to book week-by-week – and will be payable on arrival to each session

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations