The ‘Lockdown’ League: Round 3 and Overall Results!

…And that’s a wrap!  

This is it folks, the scorecards are in and counted and we can now announce the winners of The ‘Lockdown’ League! 

Thank you 

It took us somewhat longer than 3 months to get here, but thank you to everyone who took part and supported each other in competing. We thought it might be a slog, and it turned out to be very aptly named The ‘Lockdown’ League, so special thanks to everyone for persevering, keeping up the psyche and challenging your post-lockdown climbing! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, as a chance to make the most of our locked-down situation and to do something somewhat together! 

We’d also like to say a massive thank-you to all of the setters that helped to make the League possible: 

Emma Twyford, Matt VC, Alex Prescott, Max Ayrton, Nathan Phillips, Simon Rawlinson, Yann Genoux and of course our Head Route Setter Evie Cotrulia!    


The ‘Lockdown’ League Overall and Monthly prizes were made possible by Scarpa, ClimbSkin, FrictionLabs and the Mountain Boot Company. Thank you all so much for supporting us, especially during this challenging time. 

The Winners! 

Huge congratulations to our overall winners! 

Well done to powerhouse Alex Dexter and our White Spider Squad star Lucy Garlick. 

As ever, our setters put up some epic and challenging blocs, so for sheer sending power, enjoy your Scarpa climbing shoes! 

Round 3 Winners 

Congratulations to our Round 3 Raffle and Social Share winners! 

Raffle Winners: 

Congratulations Tabea Stieler and Harriet Fisher! Grab your prizes on your next visit, they’ll be ready to pick up from next week. 

Social Share prizes

Well done and thanks to Imi Bagnall-Smith and Rob White you are our Round 3 Social Share prize winners (your prizes are waiting for you on your next visit)! 

The final scores: 

The ‘Lockdown’ League Men’s Leader board: 

RankNameRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
1Alex Dexter4774774991453
2Henri Rebitzky4634694831415
3Oliver Wilson4224094291260
4Nicholas Simmons3794134671259
5Simon Smith4233774381238
6Matt Hemus4223633891174
7James Simpson3753003591034
9Harry Carter346330306982
10Matt Brash451435 886
11Chris Butcher392388 780
12Anthony Vaquero369 366735
13Finley Hewson 314363677
14Owen B408 221629
15Tom Bouwknegt228 304532
16Jared Krauss 225247472
17Jules Astier431  431
18Callum Taylor381  381
19Archie Hogg372  372
20Ian Palmer372  372
21Otto Nicol Gauld338  338
22Jacob Millard316  316
23Dave Ede310  310
24Daniel Miskow306  306
25James B299  299
26Greg Conlon290  290
27Gilbert Manning264  264
28Goya Matsui 264 264
29Elliot Hinds261  261
30Charlie Smith5075130255
31Lucas Gade 190 190
32Rupert Lawless176  176
33Max Taylor75  75
34Nils Kjellberg62  62

 The ‘Lockdown’ League Women’s Leader board: 

RankNameRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
1Lucy Garlick3914214431255
2Izzy Edgington3523794001131
3Alice Metcalf242229285756
4Natalie Garlick219203228650
5Leslie Soo 233304537
6Holly Hickman199137182518
7Lucie Saunders206 234440
8Megan Goodwin327  327
9Isabella Topley163 156319
10Charlotte P290  290
11Tabea Stieler  284284
12Ellie Hogg277  277
13Chloe Yuen257  257
14Calli Browett248  248
15Natasha Webb241  241
16Matilda Smith4065130235
17Suzanne Baker228  228
18Michelle Jones216  216
19Deia Wright  169169
20Ellie Stokes 147 147
21Hannah Burkinshaw  137137
22Georgina Robitu123  123
23Harriet Fisher  101101

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