The Summer Series – A White Spider Bouldering League!

Winter has finally passed and we’re heading full speed into the summer climbing season! We’re bringing back the bouldering league for the summer months, so it’s time to get competitive! Whether you’re competing to win or just to track your progress over the three months, the Summer Series is the competition for you!  

The Summer series will have three rounds; two month-long rounds, and a one night only round 3! The competition will be scored in our ‘old style’ format: 

White Spider Summer Series Scorecard Example

In each round, there will be 35 blocs for you to try – a max of 350 points per round! The Summer Series is open to all climbers – there’ll be routes you’ll be able to climb even if you’re brand new to the sport!  

The Important Stuff:

Round 1: 

  • Running from the 6th May to the 8th June 
  • Scorecards must be handed in by 22:00 on the 8th June. 

Round 2: 

  • Running from the 10th June to the 29th June 
  • BOOT DEMO from Unparallel on the 10th June for launch night  
  • Scorecards must be handed in by 22:00 on the 29th June 

Round 3 – The Finale! 

  • ONE NIGHT ONLY: From the moment the route setters declare the comp wall open on the 1st July until 22:00 that same evening.  
  • The raffle will be drawn and winners announced via social media – we’ll announce them on both Instagram and Facebook.  


Results will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and on the pin board in the entryway to the wall. Any late scorecards will not be counted.  

*If you cannot hand in your scorecard in person, either message our Social Media pages with a clear photograph or e-mail*  

If you are new to climbing or want some coaching to get you competition ready, we’ve got tons of sessions available! Our instructors love sharing their passion for climbing, so whether you want to learn to boulder, or really want to push those grades, why not book a Private Session?

Keep up with the latest news:

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