Spider Lockdown – Week 16 – #RespectTheRock

15 weeks of lockdown done and we are really picking up pace ready for re-opening. We had snippets of information and are hoping to get an update from the UK government this week giving us a firm road map to reopen and, fingers crossed, a date!

We haven’t been wasting any time with our setters busy refreshing those walls to make sure there’s plenty of new routes on re-opening. More information on our Instagram story and feed.

Although the weathers been mixed lately, it has been great to see so many climbers out and enjoying the delights of the UK’s outdoor climbing. With this, the Sandstone outcrops have been receiving a lot of traffic and it is important to remember the Sandstone code to ensure we can protect this rock for the enjoyment of all future generations. Remember:

  • No brushing
  • Try to use little to no Chalk  
  • Don’t let those ropes Rub on the rock, extend your anchors with slings
  • No Sieging or over working a route. Take as few attempts as possible and climb within your limit
  • Clean your shoes before each attempt
  • No gardening or removing plants

Further guidance is available on the BMC website here

However, things always change and the Southern Sandstone Climbs Facebook page is the best way to keep up to date with local adjustments to the rules and recommendations.

We had some fun suggestions on our last post for creative ways of re-opening but as always, the health of our climbers and community is our top priority. Spider will still be here for you to return to.

We’ve got lots more route setting going on this week so keep up to date with latest on our Instagram stories and post feed.

Stay Safe Spiders

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations