If you’ve never been to our centre before, there are a few things we need you to know before you come and climb with us.  

If you are an experienced climber, then yes!  Just turn up and tell reception you want to register, to save time you can pre-register here.

For more information on sessions and courses available to you, please check out our ‘Experienced Climbers’ section. 

To be classed as an Experienced Climber you would need to complete our registration process and be able to: 

  1. Tie in 
  2. Belay 
  3. Fit your own harness 
  4. Understand how to manage the risks involved in climbing  

If items 1-4 above mean nothing to you, then we would class you as “New to Climbing” and unfortunately, you can only climb with appropriate supervision from an experienced climber or instructor.   So you can climb with a friend who is signed off as an experienced climber with us or book onto one of our courses or sessions, visit our “new to climbing” section or for kids visit our “youth” section

If you just want to pop down and check out the centre and perhaps give climbing a go without booking a course or session….here are the options:

  1. For all ages – Auto Belay
  2. For Children Only – Spider Castle  (3years+)

Most of our courses and sessions are bookable on-line and it’s essential for all coached climbing to be booked in advanced online.  Please also note we are not able to take provisional bookings – so payment in full is required to secure any sessions or places and it’s best to do this all online.  However, if you would like to speak to us call 0208 397 0390 or you can email us climb@whitespiderclimbing.com or pop in and speak to a member of staff at reception.

However, you do not need to pre-book the Kids Castle, just turn up and our Auto Belays are on a first come first served basis but only bookable in person at reception in 15 min slots.

Everyone is different and we have sessions to suit all abilities and requirements.

A brief guide:

I’ve never climbed before and I just want to give it a go!

Our Private Lessons or Taster sessions would be best for you. For more specific information, check out ‘New to climbing’ if you are an adult and ‘Youth’ if you are interested in sessions for under 18s.

Adults only:

I used to climb a while ago and want to get back into it.

We’d advise booking a private lesson with one of our instructors to refresh your memory! They will be able to run through all the relevant rope techniques you need, and hopefully it will all come flooding back. If you have had a really long break, the instructor may advise you complete our Beginners Course, or additional lessons to make sure you are fully up to speed.

I just want to learn to boulder.

That’s not a problem! Just sign up to our Boulder Beginners classes.

I want to learn how to climb independently, so I can come to White Spider without supervision.

Our Beginners or Boulder Beginners courses are for you! This can also be done in a series of Private Lessons.

I work unusual hours and your scheduled sessions don’t work for me.

Private Lessons are flexible and can be arranged at any time subject to instructor availability. This is your session, so you can ask them to teach you what you want to know. Simple!

This depends on the type of session you have booked! Our friendly, experienced instructors will help ease you into the vertical world at your own pace.

For the majority of our sessions, instructors will initially assist you with all equipment and talk you through the key information you need to know.

Then you’ll have the opportunity to scale the walls – going as high as you feel comfortable going. No one will force you to get to the top if you don’t want to!

Loose fitting sports clothes are best – pretty much anything but skirts, dresses, open toe footwear and cropped shorts. We rent out climbing shoes too, in case you don’t have any appropriate footwear.

Yes! Fear of heights and falling is totally natural and very few people come to climbing completely fearless.

Having said this, if the session is for kids and they are really phobic they may not get much out of the session. Let the instructor know of any vertical jitters at the beginning of the session and they will do their best to put your minds at rest!

If you are unsure, feel free to give us a call on 0208 397 0390 and we can talk you through it.

Yes! Any age, shape, size or ability can climb here at White Spider. We have customers ranging up to 80 years old – so age is no excuse!

Tall, short, built or petite – there will certainly be routes you can do. If you are unsure, just give us a ring on 0208 397 0390 and we will persuade you.

General information

Yes, the minimum age for all our instructed sessions is 5 years old.  However, if you are an experienced climber you can supervise any aged child.

Please note that if the lesson is for 5 – 6 year olds then it’s worth remembering the quality of the session will not be the same as for older children. This is due to differences in physical and mental development.  We’d also suggest that a suitable number of parents remain on hand during the session to help look after younger children, in case they get distressed/upset/etc to enable the instructor to remain focused on climbing.

Mondays – 2pm – 10pm
Tuesday – Friday – 10am – 10pm
Weekends – 10am – 7.30pm
Bank Holidays – – 10am – 7.30pm

Please note: the cafe closes 45 minutes before closing time at the end of the day.

Please note: last entry to climb is XXXXX

Please refer to the parking plan when you arrive to make sure you park within the permitted areas.

We hire everything you’ll need – shoes, harnesses and belay devices. We don’t rent chalk bags however, so remember to bring one with you or buy one from us when you arrive! 

We have load of lockers!!!  Our lockers in the changing rooms have the ability for you to attach your own padlocks if you want to but we also have key exchange system for a locker block under the stairs by the bouldering area. Just give us a set of your keys, and we’ll give you a key to a locker. They come in small, medium and large sizes, so if you have a lot of stuff let us know!   This facility is FREE!   We also have coin operated lockers too!

We have separate men & women’s changing rooms with luxury showers.  Our changing rooms are upstairs, but we do have a disabled toilet on the ground floor.

It’s important to consider the following BMC Participation Statement if you want to climb: 

“The BMC recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.” 

If you are new to the world of climbing or want to get your kids/family involved, we strongly advise you check out our ‘New to Climbing  and ‘Youth‘ pages before coming to the centre.

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations