“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”

You are the boss (and undoubtedly awesome!) and you have decided to reward your dynamic, hard-working team with an experience they will never forget.

We have 3 action-packed packages to choose from which will suit your individual needs (Please note: These packages can be customised further upon request).

Solidifying your “Manager of the Year” award and Legendary Status begins here.

Nevis from £180.00

This package is designed to give you an excellent taste of what White Spider has to offer.

6:1 instructor = £180 (£180 per 6 thereafter). Includes gear & shoes.

1.5 hours:

  • Warm up & The Great Escape (10 mins)
  • Bouldering Session (15 min)
  • Roped Climbing Session (40 min)
  • Auto Belay Races (25 min)
  • Refreshments
climbing instructor briefing

Mont Blanc from £420

This package is designed for those that have more energy and are wanting to spend more time completing fun, Team Building related exercises.

6:1 instructor = £420 (12:2 instructors = £800, 18:3 instructors = £1140). Includes gear & shoes.

3 hours:

  • Warm Up & Team Building Games (40 mins)
  • Bouldering Sesh (20 mins)
  • Rope Sesh (1 hour)
  • Slack-Lining (20 mins)
  • Auto Belay Sesh (40 mins)
  • Refreshments (incl. food)

Everest from £1000

The Ultimate Team Building package which centers around White Spider’s most adrenaline-releasing AND fear-inducing challenge, ‘The Leap of Faith’! This is as an exclusive package, as the Leap of Faith is only setup for the annual, White Spider Birthday Party and even when it is, it rarely sees much action due to the fear it instills in the individual. The question is this, do you have a Team, worthy of taking on the ‘Leap of Faith’?!


£1000 = 12 people to 2 instructors (18 people to 3 instructors = £1500). Includes gear & shoes.


4 hours:


  • Warm Up & Team Building Games (40mins)
  • Bouldering Sesh (20mins)
  • Rope Sesh (1 hour)
  • Slack-Lining (20mins)
  • Auto Belay Sesh (40mins)
  • Leap of Faith (1 hour)
  • Refreshments (incl. food)
Instructor with kids group

53 years ago

53 years ago

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations