Lucy Garlick in GB Development Squad!

Great news! Our White Spider squadling Lucy Garlick has successfully met the selection criteria for The GB Development Squad 2020. This will be her second year in the development team! We have a exclusive opportunity to chat with Lucy and her Mum Natalie!

> Natalie, from a parent perspective, at what point did you realise Lucy’s potential and commitment to the sport?

”Lucy got spotted by Bronagh (White Spider squad coach at the time) while she was climbing with me at White Spider. Lucy was desperate to be noticed (WS head squad coach at the time). After a trial Be offered her a space on the squad, so I knew she was showing some potential, but I first realised her competitive streak at her first competition. Which was a Blokfest at The Castle. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but Lucy loved being in that environment. She got stuck on a climb (she had to leap from one wall to the another) she hung on for over a minute trying to work out a way and then she just jumped for it and managed to catch the hold. The whole place erupted – it was amazing – proud mum moment. She then competed in the YCS (Youth climbing series) and managed to qualify for the national finals. After just climbing for 6 months she came 4th at national finals – I then realised she had natural talent for climbing!”
>On Selection day 1, athletes had to complete selection of Boulders<

> Lucy, How do you feel now being part of the Development squad and what are you looking forward to most?

”I feel really proud to wear the kit and I love the GB training days, all the coaches are really nice and I get to climb with all my friends from all over the country!”

>Natalie, What does it take to be a parent of a GB National recognised talent? 

”I’m very lucky, Lucy is so driven to be at her best. I never have to make her train, she is always desperate to climb – my role is mainly being a taxi driver. We travel all over the UK/Europe for Lucy to compete, as that’s her true passion. If she’s not competing then I normally get dragged to climbing walls for her to practice.” 

”The hardest bit for me is how much we have to leave my husband and son at weekends. But I have to follow Lucy’s dream”
>Selection day 2, athletes competing on Lead<

>Lucy What inspires you to push your limits and climb at your best?

”I want to be World Champion”

>Natalie, How do you spend your time when Lucy is at her climbing practice?

”I climb with some of the other parents at one session and then my mum takes her to the other session as I’m at work – She loves all the staff at White Spider and sits there enjoying watching the children climbing with a Cappuccino!”
>Insight of the WS squad sessions at White Spider climbing”

>Lucy, What would you like to achieve?

”I would love to take part in the Olympics and get a medal and be World Champion”

>Natalie and Lucy, do you have a favourite food recipe to share with us?

”When we are away competing if we have a kitchen, Lucy enjoys making steak and homemade chips for dinner. If we’re in a hotel room, we pop to Tesco for a hot chicken, salad, houmous and french bread”

”While she’s training she loves her nuts & raisins and a milkshake” 

>Natalie and Lucy, Anything you guys would like to share with us that hasn’t been mentioned and would like to say? 

”Everyone asks me why I travel to all these comps (some months it’s every weekend) because Lucy absolutely loves competing and the experience you get in these environments are invaluable in my opinion. Lucy has had an amazing 5 years with lots of highs and lows, she has so many great memories and has achieved so much. If for any reason she decides she’s had enough I’ll know that I’have done everything I can for her and she’ll forever have titles that’s she won over the years.”

”Fingers crossed she will continue and fulfil her dreams” 

Congratulations from Spider Climbing and good luck! To follow Lucy journey check out her Instagram page.

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Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations