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Katie Bishop

Had a great Family taster session with my son for his 6th birthday and 3 of his buddies. Joe was very patient with 4 excited, hyper and loud young boys!. He was very calm and encoraging and explained everything really well. The boys had a great day and really enjoyed themselves! Will definitely return the centre. Thank you Joe!


great experience and given me the bug to carry on!

Imaad Khan

The bouldering was the best bit
The kids castle bouldering was really good
They had lots of high rope climbing too
Great fun
Definitely coming back

Caroline Robins

First time to White Spider and it was fantastic experience. Very friendly staff and great introduction to climbing for my 7 and 9 year old daughters. Good set up, small groups and instructor was fun and gave clear instructions they could follow. Small groups meant they all got lots of opportunities to climb different types of wall aswell as learn how to secure their colleagues from the ground. Only slight critism was difficult to find - satnav kept taking us up and down the A3 - better signposting please!

Francisco De Santiago Requejo

The White Spider is a fantastic gym for the Sport Climbing and bouldering enthusiasts. It offers a wide variety of angles and features, making it an ideal gym for training every type of climbing style (e.g. overhangs, roofs, vertical and slabs). I would like to highlight that Emma is a fantastic route setter, her climbs are super interesting and they flow like an unhindered river.

Best Wishes,



My 3 children and I have been going to White Spider for nearly the entire time it has been open. It's got to be one of the best places to be - fantastic climbing, great coaching, very friendly people and atmosphere, and an excellent cafe which even does decaf cappuccinos! It feels more of a family than an organisation. Birthday celebrations last Saturday were fab!


Great session, intense and challenging! Highly recommended and definitely back for more good pain!!
Without pain there is no gain and Alex simply knows how to achieve that!

vanessa bevan

It was brilliant and it's going to change my life. I'm really close to being able to lead climb. I love White Spiders🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 .


We have been going to WS for 5 years.
Our children have completed various NICAS courses.
I have found the staff to be friendly and helpful. They have a no nonsense policy, which is needed. Adults and children need to realise it is not a playground or babysitting service.
If an instructor is with his/her group, but notices you are in a tight spot, they will often talk you through a move.
I have nothing negative to say about climbing or White Spider, and my children love the cakes!


Excellent and great value given the high level of teaching and equipment


Great place with a lovely friendly vibe. My daughter's instructor Les really cares about his job and wants his pupils to succeed. She's doing really well under his instruction and looks forward to her class every week, so thank you.


Decided to give White Spider a try after rave reviews from friends and acquaintances. I booked a Creepy Crawlies session forna my son (6) and an Arachnids session for my daughter (7) as a surprise. They absolutely loved it and my son (who's usually quite shy and weary of new things) climbed straight to the top leaned back as instructed and descended. My daughter had a ball and enjoyed interacting with the other kids in her group. A great way to instil teamwork and the instructors were fab; thorough, patient and encouraging. We'll be back very soon. Highly recommended activity especially when the weather is rubbish and great value for money!


Excellent 4 day holiday course for my 9 yr old daughter. The instructor Matt was so supportive and encouraging and my daughter enjoyed every second of her first ever climbing experience. Despite (naturally) having to cover the safety aspects of climbing, the course was great fun and has only enhanced my daughters appetite to climb more! Fantastic facilities and great set up - we will be back for more very soon!


Made claiming realy challenging. It was lots of fun too.

Tomas Sullivan

Kath was really great we can't wait to come back for the beginners course!

Sarah Jackson

It wasn't a great start. The lady at the counter as we went in was so unbelievably rude, dismissive and unfriendly. In my job we pride ourselves on providing 5 star customer service. I don't think it matters what your job is you should take pride in it and be polite.
The instructor was lovely so I would return on that basis and I really enjoyed climbing so it was such a shame that the standard of staff greeting you when you walk in is so low. Well I suppose you can't tar them all with the same brush as the others were lovely. It was just one particularly miserable girl who lets her team down and tarnished our experience


I was a bit dissapointed with the instructor. I left white spider after half an hour as I had to attend a business matter. I was dussapiunted to learn that some of my sons friends were left behind and my son sustained an injury to his elbow because of the lack of attention shown by the instructor. My son is a member of the club and attends every week. We are really happy with the quality of service, however I do feel somewhat let down with the birthday party held yesterday. It would be great to see improvement on that front. Warm Regards


Arrived on the dot for a birthday party, but unfortunately some of our party's parents hadn't completed the pre-reg process ( b'day mother!..) so delayed starting. The not-unfriendly person at the reception seemed willing to accommodate but not the instructor. When introduced she stated to her colleague, directly in front of me, I haven't had my break yet which is more important. Not particularly professional (the in front of me part) and lo & behold no overlap of time given even though there was clearly the space available. Son left disappointed.

We were late starting so......

Moral of the story: Get your forms done in advance and properly because you'll unlikely ( our experience..) be able to make up the time whether there is space to or not.

Good facilities, but won't be returning in a hurry.


I took 2 kids for a one hour climbing , they did climbing for 30 minutes after that they supposed to another wall but because the place is packed , the instructor decided to take them to place where they spent the other half hour playing some games that u can play at home so we waisted 1/2 hour of climbing , they charge nearly £18 for one hpur i fell i waisted my money


It was very short and couldn't do much climbing the wall

Hugo Guthrie

Wayne was great with the children and our group all had a great time. Many thanks

Hugo Guthrie

I was quite shocked and surprised by how Simon interacted with the children in his group who had a completely different experience to the other half of our party who got a much better instructor. He is clearly not suited to this role as he demonstrated no empathy, no encouragement and no enthusiasm. He obviously did not care at all about the experience the children were having and as a result the two groups had completely different levels of satisfaction and achievement.

Alex Cortinas

I had 3 taster sessions booked for my 2 children and 1 friend. Unfortunately one of my children was only allowed to do one climb as we had run out of time. Aside from the fact that I think this was poor value for money (one climb for £18) my biggest problem was having to deal with an extremely upset and disappointment 8 year old who could not understand why she had not been allowed to do another climb. I think the instructor should have managed the time better to ensured that everyone got the same number of climbs. It's a shame because until then we had really enjoyed watching the kids climb and the kids certainly enjoyed climbing.

Michelle Jones

We had signed up for a taster session online as a sort-of review, as it's been a few years since we'd been climbing. We walked in with about 2 minutes to spare and were ignored by reception for 3-4 minutes. Twice they started helping other people that came in after us. Eventually I went up and said excuse me, and it turned out both people were staff members, just chatting away and ignoring the customers. Then we told them who we were and they said go in, and sent us to an instructor. Then the instructor sent us back to reception to get a key for a locker. We asked where the lockers were and were told "upstairs". We put our stuff away and were about 10 minutes into the session when someone came up and told us we were in the wrong session and brought us to a different group, who were, by then, 20 minutes into the class. If we were real beginners, we would have been completely lost. The rest of the class was fine/fun, and the instructor was great at teaching people of varying abilities. The facility itself is great. When we went to leave, it was again a struggle and excusing myself to get someone at reception to look up from their socialising to turn the locker key in. I asked about membership, and again it was like pulling teeth "it's £10.50". Even if we pay monthly? "Then it's £42". "Okay. Can I do that here at those kiosks?" "No. Those are for the waivers." Oookay I guess I'll go home and look it up online... Jeeeeez. Still considering membership anyway, but 0% thanks to the staff at reception.


My daughter enjoyed her climbing practise, but this venue has very poor management - hardly any staff around, no oversight of climbers. Another parent went up to my dauggter and unhooked her between climbs, scaring her. There was no staff around to oversee and deal with the situation.
A venue dealing with children should know better - anyone can walk up to the children whcih is an obvious risk.
I complained and was told the comlaint had been 'taken onboard but there is nothing we can do'.
Use with care, and dont leave your child along


Was my daughters 7th birthday party , there was 6 kids in total , I am very dissapointed in the instructor who I really did try to like and work along side with , he didn't say hello to me he was rude to the kids he was a very moody miserable man , and tell the children to stop moaning about saying the rope was burning there hands , told six 7 year olds how do we think he feels when he's had 3 party's to do and his hands hurt . I had to really bite my tongue . 2 of the kids were scared of him . Also you are meant to have 1 hr & 30mins to climb and it took jus under 30 mins to get them geared up. And a very rude girl with glasses on at reception . We was not greeted as we came in and noting was explained . Only Towards the end of the climbing upstairs they enjoyed it . And best part was the party room that I decorated an when we at food . Very pricy for what it was and will not be returning .


My kids and their friends have tried the black widow sessions over the holidays many times and it doesn't fault in the climbing. The instructor makes a hige difference laughing, teaching, and making it fun but on this ocassion he hardly spoke to them or encouraged them and was more keen on speaking to the older girls that were there! They seemed more experienced? He might have known them but that's a shame they felt that way after the session. Anyway like I said the climbing element was great but emphasis on making this fun as well is key for everyone in the age group 13-17. So 3 stars for overall this time - next time hopefully it will be the usual 5 stars. Thank you

Jill howard

A complete wast of time. He had just 2 climbs in the hour. Will not go there again.


Are kids birthday parties a necessary evil for you at White Spider?
It certainly felt that way yesterday....some (not all) of the staff were incredibly rude, unhelpful and clearly irritated by our mere existence.
The kids did have a good time but I'm afraid I think that was mainly in spite of, not because of, the White Spider was disappointing and sad that they were not made to feel welcome on a number of occasions during their visit. They are little people who are very aware of how they are being treated!
The instructors seemed to 'warm' to the kids gradually through the session - not quite how it should be...
It was busy and that meant the 2 groups of kids could not all climb in the same area at one point of the session which was a shame and didn't seem to be the plan either (as the instructor was searching at one point for a spare spot...)
A re-visit of all things customer service perhaps.....


My two sons had a fabulous time on Tuesday and didn't stop talking about it all evening, they were suitably shattered another bonus! So a big thank you. Their Nanny said you were all so helpful and their 4 year old brother even got to play too, very happy Mummy! Birthday party booking to come.


What an amazing experience! Fabulous instructor and everyone really enjoyed our experience at White Spider. The kids enjoyed the Kids Castle just as much as climbing the walls!

Alex &Emma 7&5yrs

The kids had a great time from start to finish. The instructor was fun and the walls challenging. The price of it was not expensive when you take in to account that after the class they can play on the castle for an unlimited time. We will be back and this place is a great environment for safe fun days out.


I can only agree with what others have written before, a really nice setup. I took my boys along (5 & 7) and they made it to the top of the high wall on the first go under Ed's guidance, thereafter opting to leap off halfway up to float down on the auto-belay. I managed a few goes too being 10 years rusty and (thankfully) it all came back without shaming myself too much in front of the boys. If I have any criticism it's that I now have to make sure the barber doesn't give my boys they mohawk they'll assuredly ask for, I think Ed's picked up a couple of fans.

Marco Crivellari

My two kids (aged 9 and 8) totally loved their introductory session. Pitched at the right level by the instructor, just the right mixture of challenging and fun. They're desperate to go back!


Enjoyed a great family taster session with the kids. Introduction to basic climbing, auto-belays and bouldering. We all loved it (me, hubbie, 6 & 7 yr olds). So much fun we have signed up for the beginners course in a few weeks so we can take the kids by ourselves.


Chandler had a great time climbing especially the more challenging walls with a slight overhang. Matt was fantastic with the the children engaging them and showing them how to be safe. In an hour and half session Chandler got to climb 6 times which was quite good for the money. Would be nice if they did some instructor lead drop in sessions during the school term though not just in the holidays.

Josh and korin

Excellent fun lesson with Cecil. Can't wait for nicas to restart.


Friendly welcome at reception, and a really nice vibe to the whole place. Big thanks to Matt who was our instructor on our first ever climbing & bouldering lesson. He explained everything perfectly (V, knee, 123!) and then we were off, mountain goating up a wall! Matt was also really encouraging, which as beginners was hugely appreciated. In short, we loved it, and will be signing up to your beginner course soon! Also, really great carrot cake & coffee in the cafe (it was my birthday; had to have post-climb cake!).


My 6 year old had a taster session and loved it, we will be back! Many thanks

Alex Ampleford

I went with my dad for a family taster session and it was really exciting. We got to the top of the high wall using the ropes with great guidance from our instructor. Will definitely do it again.


Lovely facility with experienced, friendly, encouraging instructors for the children. Even two boys in the group who were terrified of heights managed to climb to the top of the walls under their positive coaching. Definitely recommend! Lovely well stocked cafe to boot! Could perhaps do with better signage from the A3 if permitted as we missed the turning!

Esther Kho

Great venue - loads of rope climbing available (incl auto-belays) and decent bouldering space for climbers of all abilities. Really need to highlight the staff, though. My boyfriend and I, being enthusiastic boulderers but a bit rusty on our figures of 8, showed up with his niece and nephew, ready to guide them up the wall and safely back down again. We admitted to questionable competence on the rope set-up and said we could do with a few reminders. We therefore promptly failed the competency checks and were resigning ourselves to a day of bouldering (which the niece had never done before and was a bit scared of), but the super-friendly guys on reception said we could grab Cecil for a refresher once he finished his current class in 10 minutes and if Cecil was happy, they were happy to let us roam free. Cecil was great - let us fumble around trying to wrack our memories on how to set ourselves and the kids up, and didn't make us feel like "bad parents" when we made a few mistakes (luckily before the kids were up on the wall). Really patient, some good tips and tricks to remember, and gave the kids some pointers as they scurried up the walls. Thanks so much, guys - the kids had a great day, we had a great day, you were strict on safety requirements but not snarky about it, you were really accommodating in making sure we didn't disappoint (and injure) the kids, all in all top marks. So pleased we only live a 10-minute drive away - we'll definitely be back (with or without the little ones)!

Alex Higgins

Attended with my 2 sons and found the hour to be informative and fun packed, my sons climbed to new heights forgive the pun!. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative with good, clear, concise instructions from our trainer Nick. Will definately be coming bacl again but for longer this time.


Introductory session was really useful.. very informative, good instruction and nice overview of how the place works. Got me up and running very quickly... definitely going to join and sign up for more sessions and come along to social evenings etc.


My 6 year daughter loved the creepy crawlies sessions and can't get enough. Her confidence has grown so much and she really can't get enough. Lovely staff and super location.


The session was really good fun, but a challenge too. I can't wait to go again.


It is a great place to climb. I felt that everything was a bit squashed to get more walls in then space to climb but thats not taking away how nice the instructors and staff were.

Daniel Moss

This is an excellent wall with excellent facilities. The routes are well set and numerous and the bouldering space is plentiful. The staff are friendly and open, creating an environment where you can push yourself in a welcoming environment.

Jo M

My daughter had a private lesson yesterday. It was brilliant. Many thanks to Wayne 🙂

Stephen Morgan

Thoroughly enjoyed this, great discovery only 15 mins away from the house. I will definitely be using this more. David was great and made the intro into climbing as easy as pie and very very welcoming. I would suggest that anyone gives this a go as its great fun!


Great way to introduce the family to rock climbing !! Not scared at all


Mr Dave really helped me... I was scared at first but really loved the wire in the end. Thank you Mr Dave


The instructors were great - Mr Dave & Miss Georgina. I really liked it and home to be back.


It was a great lesson and I learnt to reach the top ... even if I was scared. Mr Dave was great! Helped the kids and my mum !! hahaha


We had a family taster session and it was great! The whole family loved it and we will be back. Dave is a great teacher with a lot of experience and patience 🙂 Thank you!!


Great experience 🙂 I will have to repeat!


Brilliant experience!!! My wife and I really enjoyed the adult tester session and we will be back for more climbing!

Madeleine Osikoya

My daughter and her three friends had an absolutely fantastic time thank you!


The Adult taster was really fun and great atmosphere. The instructor was brilliant! He gave us clear instruction and insight into how to be a pro at rock climbing and develop one's technique. I was surprised how quick and confident I was, once I started climbing - took my back to my children days. An experience you cannot refuse!


Brilliant beginner's course with David. He took time to explain everything, went at the right pace for everyone and at the end I felt confident to climb on my own. I loved it!


Both my kids have now had birthday parties at White Spider and both really enjoyed the experience along with their friends. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to children of a certain age. The instructors are great and even with nervous children they get them having a go in no time and realise that they enjoy it too. Thank you to the instructors and staff for making it such a great and easy experience for all.


The instructors were brilliant with the kids, keeping them safe, under control and very attentive. The kids had a great time and really challenged themselves. Would definitely recommend.


We had a family taster session with Dave, all three of us loved it and will be back.


My daughter and her 21 friends had a birthday party climbing and it was absolutely fantastic experience for everyone.

Xanthe Black

My 7 year old daughter really enjoyed her first climbing experience here at a party and she loved it! Thank you.


I had a fantastic taster session with Les and now I'm hooked. I was worried I'm too old and unfit, and I did only manage just over half an hour, but I'm sure I'll get better if I keep going. So I'm booked on the beginners' course now!


An excellent lead climbing lesson yesterday with Cath. Exactly what we needed at the right level for one of us - more experienced lead climber and me - less experienced. Pitched at the correct level for us both.

Adam Butterfield

Really great session with Wayne yesterday, fast paced and informative teaching style with lots of practical application of theory right from the start. Highly recommended, great fun!

Adam Bolland

A fantastic introduction to climbing. Phil went into great detail, a very good instructor. I've spent the last week looking at climbing kit. I heartily recommend the beginners course.

Nick Grundy

I did an introductory session with Nick, and it was brilliant - fun, challenging, with the right balance between understanding the safety aspects of not dropping someone off the top of a climb and getting on and trying it out. Will go again!


Really enjoyed it! I have always wanted to know how to do a figure of eight knot and now I successfully can as it was explained so clearly. Thank you so much!

William Burton

Normally have lessons with Cecil, but since he was on holiday tried Les. Really enjoyed his slightly different perspective and he seems like a really nice guy. Will definitely ask for him again when Cecil is next away. Managed to resist the allure of cakes & coffee fserved by Emma this week.


Kath was absolutely amazing how she instructed and encouraged 6 children all at once! The kids had a brilliant time and it was nice to play on the castle afterwards. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Jeremy Eakin

I've just completed the two day lead climbing and I would strongly recommend the course and our instructor Phil. At 48yrs old my fear threshold is considerably lower than when I was 18 and Phil guided me through the lessons with clarity and confidence.

Helen Gillespie

Really good value for money, the adult taster session, really does last a whole hour and you are given great instruction. Had a lot of fun and really enjoyed myself. I will be trying the climbing experience again.


Pearl had a fantastic time loved climbing.well organized .

Peter KIng

I had booked myself a birthday treat of a private lesson having had White Spider recommended to me and was not let down at all!. The hour long session has really whet my appetite to climb more..Now when are the induction classes!!

Rufus Weston

We all went as a family (with our 7 year old girl and 5 year old boy. The instructor was great and we adults massively enjoyed it too, as did the kids. Would love to go again and only wish this centre was nearer our home.

Linda Kay

I am 57 (brides Mother) with a height fear that is legendary in the family. I was determined not to be pathetic among all the young hens and have a go and I surpassed my own expectations by getting to the top. Totally exhilarating. Phil is genuinely reassuring and a great teacher on technique. Its all about the legs! To see all the children involved and loving it. What a great thing to do and no age barrier either. Thoroughly recommend.

Cormac Kennedy

Held my daughter's 7th Birthday party here and the staff were fantastic, kids had a great time and the function room was good for the pizza afterwards.


I'm 38 years old, have a fear of heights and thought this would be a great challenge for my sister and I. I was not disappointed.. Our instructor, Yan, was brilliant. With his encouragement my sister managed to make it to the top! I wasn't too far off, despite my wobbly legs. I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of facing their fears. It was fun, challenging, and provided a great work out too.


Took my 10 year old son for his tenth birthday party with five friends and it was fantastic just right to push them to the edge of there ability. Even enjoyed the castle at the beginning and at the end not sure where they got the energy from. Thoroughly recommend it for any party event.


Took 4 girls, two 5 year olds (first time ) & two 9 year olds who go most holidays. All really had a great time. We love White Spider & I think the lessons learned (teamwork, reliability etc.) are all very valuable & empowering.


Philip was very encouraging and supportive to both girls. They loved it. Had a great time. Will be back again.

Jackie Anim

Took my son and his friend, both 5, to White Spider for the buy one get one half off climbing class with Cath. They both said "it was the best day ever". Great that I was able to leave them with the instructor whilst I took my 16 month into the Castle. We all had a great time and the kids fell asleep on the car journey home. Bonus


My oldest boy (7) had climbed once before but was a little nervous getting down from the top, the instructor calmly encouraged him and my boy was very happy from then on, he had a great time. My youngest (6) was super nervous but by the end got up to the top and it's given him such a confidence boost! Really good job from the instructors, they must see a lot of wobbles and they get the children through it so patiently with a real eye to safety.

Syd Taylor

Really great place and teachers. My two boys (11 and 5) love coming here and the bigger one has started NICAS. Great environment and teachers and very different to the usual football etc sports

Josette Osborne

Took both my girls and my niece yesterday 7, 11 and 12 yrs. They all had a great time! Sorry I can't remember the Crawlies instructor's name but he was brilliant with the kids. Nice clean facility and great staff. Thanks so much for making their day. See you again soon.


Max started climbing at White Spider in February this year. Now he can't get enough of it. We started on a family taster, and Max would climb everyday if he could. He attends 1:1 sessions when he can and the kids casual clubin the holidays. The staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Max's favourite instructor is Simon. He can't wait to start the NICAS when he is 7 in September- if he can get a place.


thank you for making it the time of my life! there were six of us kids and we all had fun.


I came with my 5 yr old son and his friend for their first ever climbing wall experience. Simon was brilliant with them both, pushing them to go just behind their comfort zones without making them fearful or putting them off. I was astonished how high they managed to go. Simon was great to talk to and informative regarding the benefits of climbing and where to go from here. My only suggestion for improvement would be the addition of a bell at the top of some of the beginner walls for the younger ones to aim for, my son would was disappointed at he lack of them!!

Hannah Watson

We had a great experience. It was the first time Darcey and her friend had climb and Simon was fantastic. Patience ,encouraging and giving them the confidence to climb. Both kids loved it and want to come back very soon. Thank you for making two kids very happy !


My son had his 11th birthday party and all 12 of them had an amazing time. Fantastic facility and it was great the younger siblings were able to play in the castle too. All staff were super helpful and very friendly. Would definitely recommend and will be back for my younger boys parties in the future.


We had a lesson with Nick to be introduced into white spider hall. Coming from the climbers world but having had a decade break, we were glad Nick didn't treat us as absolute beginners. The chat was really great, too. Thanks


My 10 year old daughter had 1 a 1.5 hour first climbing session with five friends. The facility is very cool. The staff were super friendly and helpful. The climbing instructor was an excellent teacher. Overall it was an excellent event for us and I would strongly recommend it. The only improvement I would suggest is to let people know that finding the centre can be tricky, involving driving along a slip road parallel to the A3. It's not obvious if you're not familiar with the area to do this and if you miss the slip road you can be driving out of you way.


My 7 year old had a fantastic one to one with Joe. He had a great time, challenged himself and his self confidence improved so much. My three year old enjoyed the castle very much and I enjoyed the cake and coffee. Next time I'm going to try climbing myself. The staff were all friendly and helpful not to mention patient! Definitely five stars from us!

paul tetlow

Really sorry, but have a slight complaint. The venue and instruction were amazing. However, I booked onm line and thought I had done everything correctly and the system allowed the booking. I got there with my two sons who I had booked onto an hours slot only to be told they couldn't do it and we were in the wrong. I was then told that the only solution was for me to pay another £20 for me even though I was doing anything as I have a bad back. Pretty poor from manager who should have used more discretion as it was a system failure not my failure.

Kirsty Hopkins

We brought my daughter and 5 friends for her ninth birthday and it was totally brilliant. Phillip was fantastic and encouraging whilst making them feel really safe and it was great to see confidence growing. We will definitely be back!


Yesterday my son had his 9th birthday party here! It has been our best party yet and all our guests had a great time. I'd recommend this place to anyone: you can have a fantastic day out and the activity is a great workout too!

William Burton

Cecil amazingly got me to attempt a 6A climb yesterday. The leg stretches were unbelievably difficult and there appeared to be few hand-holds. I fell off and dangled on his rope for a while. But I got back on and completed the climb. Incredible that he can get people to try something so stretching! I will try and do a 6A cleanly next week......

William Burton

Had another amazing lesson with Cecil last night. Has both myself and wife Helen climbing 5a Walls now despite her vertigo and my former lack of flexibility. I now appear to be able to reach footholds I never would have thought possible. He is so confident and supportive that we find we simply climb whatever he tells us to - regardless of how impossible it seems at first!

Piotr Nowosad

A fantastic hour with 2 small children learning the basics. Les is an excellent teacher and very very good with the little ones. Highly recommended!


We had our son's birthday party at White Spider and he and his friends had a fantastic time. The instructors were really patient and inspiring and the staff in general were very helpful. Great venue!


Our son's 8th birthday party was a fantastic experience for us and all his school mates! We had all a great time even though the time duration of the event room was sort.


Had an incredible time was sooooooo cool and Ian was very nice.Was good at climbing and I think that's what made it so much fun.Highly recommend this to anyone.


I work at the lighthouse care home and we have had a number of bookings over the last few months, and while I have seen at least three instructors. I would like to say from what I had seem and what the young people have said about Simon he s a fantastic and patient man, he was very energetic and always reassuring the boys that they can do more. One young person was shaking as he was to scared next min he was at the top of the wall, when asked this was he said SIMON WAS AMAZING AND REALLY HELPED ME.. I like to send a massive thank you to Simon for making sure my boys had a great time RATING 12/10


We had a great time in the adult taster session with David. Really good intro to climbing and very enjoyable! will be coming back again soon


Completed my second session with the trainer/torture man at white spider, you know you have had a good session when you are still aching after two days, my first session was about finger and core training, never really done much finger training before as it all looked very daunting, but its not has hard as it seemed, second session was core training and strength, looking forward to he next one.

Hannah spittlehouse

My partner and I had a fab first time climbing with David. Knowledgable and professional. We will be coming back!


Had a great session with Yan learning about the essentials of basic rope climbing - left feeling really informed and comfortable practising belay. Two thumbs up!


Nick taught our son NICAS Level 1 last term and we are delighted that he happens to be his instructor for Level 2 now. He has a friendly manner whilst ensuring that his pupils are clearly focused on learning. He has ensured that our son has an strong grounding in the basics, as well as builidng his confidence to get to the top of the wall!

Andy Fraser

Nick took this party of 5 8 year old boys on for an hour and a half, very brave man. He handled it superbly making sure that all the safety aspects were explained to the boys before they got on the wall and patiently encouraged them all the way through the session. Highly recommended, all the boys really enjoyed themselves.


Amazing nicas 4 lesson with Cecil. Really enjoyed it and learnt and tried lots of new things. Highly recommend white spider it is lots of fun.

Adrian & Abigail

We have just completed the beginners course over one weekend and had a fantastic time, David who took the course was informative, knowledgeable and patient a true gentleman I cannot recommend him highly enough.. As well as all the safety drills David took us through some very interesting balance exercises and showed us how to climb efficiently. Do the course you won't be disappointed!


The after-school club is great - the teachers are so motivating and enthusiastic and generally fantastic! It's great to see boys and girls of all ages being encouraged to give it a go.

David Bearman

My son and I attended the Bouldering Induction. Tuition was excellent and informative. We look forward to attending your centre more regularly.


Jacob is on his second term of NICAS and absolutely loves it. White Spider is an incredible club with amazing energy. He is thriving in such a cool environment. His teachers are diligent, focused, great fun and are tuning into how to get the best out of him. A typical, hundred miles an hour 8 year old boy, climbing is fantastic for his focus and attention whilst increasing his agility and core body strength. I highly recommend joining and discovering the wonderful world of climbing.

Jo Cocklin

I took my son and two friends to a fun session during the holidays. They all had a great time. My sone is currently attending Level 3 NICAS sessions on a Tuesday evening which he loves. He has improved hugely in the past year and s half.


I've never tried it before but I thought I'd give it a go now I'm well in to my adulthood. It was great fun and Cecil my private instructor was fantastic. He pushed me beyond what I thought I can do being uncomfortable with hieghts and I managed to climb to the top! So chuffed with my self and certainly will be coming back very soon. I recommend anyone trying it for the first time to book a private session for an hour as it's well worth it. It's a very friendly place. Thanks Cecil.


We took my five year old daughter, and my niece for a family taster session. All absolutely loved it and my daughter is desperate to go back again as soon as possible.

Sasa Hodzic

We had a family taster session.Great experience and loads of fun! Our instructor Was really professional and jolly!


We had a private session - two adults and two children. The adults were less keen on climbing, and happy to learn how to guide the ropes etc, and learnt how to tie the knots. Very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Great for refreshing our previous knowledge about climbing. Highly recommended.


We booked our son's 8th birthday party here after catching the climbing bug as a family at the beginning of the year. The booking process was smooth and easy to navigate. We had a small party of 6 climbers and Yann created a fun and challenging session for all participants. We also hired the party room to have some food and cake after all the excitement, which was clean, tidy and a nice spot to chill out in without being in the way of other customers/climbers. Overall, a fantastic party!! Thank you so much.


Just tried the taster for an hour and it was great fun. I have enjoyed myself and I consider coming back for beginner course.


It was really good shame that we did more bouldering than roped

Damian Cooke

My son, James (8 yrs) & I, booked into the 1hour family taster. Had a great time, it was almost his first time climbing and mine for something like 20 years. James loved it and definitely wants to go back for more. I'd be interested to know about other sessions for 8yrs olds where they can learn to climb in a group. Cheers Damian


GET STRONG! DO CLIMBFIT! For climbers looking to push themselves and get some valuable training tips and exercizes Alex's ClimbFit is brilliant! Great sport specific work out with a different focus each sesh.

Geraldine Martin

My 5 year old granddaughter had an amazing time. Cathy was brilliant and the trading and help given was excellent


I went with a friend.We'd both been once before with Guides.There were meant to be six in our group but it ended up being just the two of us which was great in that we got lots of climbing experience and attention and advice from our instructor. We had great fun climbing as high as we could.Bring lots of snacks and your water bottles as we were starving afterwards!(My Mum enjoyed a latte and chocolate brownie from the Cafe!) I would really recommend this experience.PS Although we're 12 we also enjoyed going into the Castle while we waited to start!


My 12 year old was booked on the 7-12 year old Arachnids group for 1.5 hours. It was great to watch her push herself to climb as high as she could,enjoy taking risks , be completely focused and expend loads of energy!She seemed to get quite a buzz from it.Money and time well spent! I also enjoyed some time having a Latte fro the Cafe and reading my book!

Alex Bogoni

I came with my teenage daughter, Tilly and we had a family taster session. We were lucky in that it was just the two of us so we got maximum benefit from our 1 hour lesson. Our instructor Joe was really helpful and enthusiastic. We managed to try out most of the walls and had a go at bouldering, all of which were brilliant fun as well as a good work out! Would definitely recommend to others and hoping to bring my other daughter to try the walls out soon.

Harry winch

It was really fun. I really enjoy climbing because it makes you feel free when you get to top and fun belaying down. You have to think for yourself and find solutions. I would like to come and do it again.


After my 8 year old had tried climbing at a White Spider birthday party she wss very keen for another go with the family. So with some trepidation I had my first climb in 25 years, and my wife and son came for their first climbing experience. Philip put us all at ease, chose some suitable easy routes and an hour later we had big smiles and acing forearms. I am sure we'll be back.


When i came for the Birthday Party of Anwen and Bethany i had never been before and i was shaking a little more. I did try and climb as high as i could, each time we moved on i progressed higher. I think that i will return because it was so good. I think that i will consider going there next year for my Birthday.

Max & Ben

Many thanks to Simon for introducing the boys to climbing. Great understanding of the kids personalities and instructed them in a professional and personal way.

Joy Immonen

My 8 year old daughter loved her 1.5 hour Casual Arachnids class. Jan was very professional & patient with the group (of 6) kids. Nice to be able to watch and see what they're doing, but also enjoy a coffee with my toddler in the cafe and for him to play in the Climbing Castle. What a great idea that is! The reception staff were very patient as we arrived not having done the disclaimer forms online in advance and with little time before the class started. Thankfully the rest of our time was very chilled for us all. Climbing (centres) seem to have that effect! We'll be back!


Had a great time with Joe. It's been a good while since I last climbed and Joe did a good job of providing quaility instruction whilst putting me at ease. Can't wait to get back onto the walls, amazing climbs!

Rohan leese

It was really fun! My favourite part was the auto belay. I've been trying to come as much as possible lately

Camille Baker

We loved it especially the auto belays & harnesses. We hope to come every week now and once we're better at bouldering we will take a belaying course. So exciting & good work out too!

Eva West

This is one of the best parties that my son has had. The venue was great, the instructors were encouraging and patient, and the kids all had a lot of fun. My one minor gripe is the parental waiver form. I have 3 children and had to do the form three times. It would be great if a form could cover more than one child!


We hosted our sons 11th birthday party at WS, and it was brilliant. All the boys had a great time and lots of mums are interested in classes. My 5 year old was very happy in castle, and yummy coffee for waiting mums. Thank you

Giles Helbert

We had a family taster session with Simon which was great fun and the kids really enjoyed it. Now being badgered to sign up for a beginners course!

Camille Baker

It was super fun, I've been trying to get back to doing this after trying it out years ago, but now we're going to start coming weekly, we loved it so!


Extremely enjoyable event for the whole family and our instructor was professional and informative.


This was an excellent venue for my daughter's 10th birthday party. The 4 instructors were all great and made sure everyone (boys and girls aged between 9 and 12) had fun, even those nervous climbers. They tried lots of different walls and loved the games at the end.

Edward Hyatt

Had a really good climbing fitness session with Alex Chapman and am definitely looking forward to the next time I get to go down! He's a great trainer and would recommend anyone goes if they are looking to boost their fitness levels.


I was a bit unsure about the climb fit class at first, but Alex was really great, he really put me at ease and made the class fun. Will definitely be going again


It was our first time climbing and I was quite nervous but the whole experience was amazing and so much fun, made even better by our instructor, Philip who had us laughing the whole time! Would definitely visit again!

Joseph Gonzalez

My son (who is 7) attended as part of a birthday party. He enjoyed himself but wasn't particularly good at the climbing. However, he really LOVED the waiting area with the Castle - he and his friends thought that was great and didn't want to leave it. Hmmm, seems like an opportunity there to generate business in its own right!


First time climbing but we really enjoyed. Dave explained us how important is security and we are looking for climbing again . Thank you white spider and thank you Dave

Louise Sharpe

We had our son's 9th birthday party at White Spider yesterday and it was brilliant. Cathy was really great with the 6 boys and they all loved their climbs. We also booked the party room which was also great. We will certainly be back (as will the other boys from the party I think!)

William Burton

Given that I am pretty physically uncoordinated and my wife Helen has vertigo, Cecil does an amazing job getting us up those walls. Not sure I could pick the footing without him yet, but certainly making rapid progress despite falling off 5 times now at 30 feet up. Only drawback is that Emma always seems to be able to tempt me to another cake afterwards, which undoes much of the benefit of the physical exertion.


How the instructors cope with instructing/ corralling 6-7 year olds with such patience I've no idea, but Dave did a brilliant job of both, engaging, instructing them, advising as they climbed, encouraging and rescuing, yet still keeping an eye on those left on the floor (who weren't always focussed on their climbing friends!). The 2 groups making up the party had a brilliant time, regardless of whether they were high climbers or nervous starters. An amazing place to simply stand and watch in too!


What a great start to learning to belay. Philip is an excellent instructor with great patience and calmness even when faced with undisciplined eager climbers. I can't believe how much I learnt in the first session - my family will now have to beware of my excellent knotting skills! Bring on the next two sessions......hopefully with Philip. Reception staff were extremely helpful regarding the parking difficulties and helped with lockers and shoes will lovely cheery disposition. Thanks to all

Bill Burridge

Fantastic session with Be, working on quality of footwork. Be's coaching style is so good - explanation of what and why, then demonstration, then practice with guidance. Also great use of humour! I have some refined technique plus new stuff to practice and am inspired to get on with it!


I took away some key nuggets of information and very helpful tips to improve my climbing - Be clearly knows her stuff and I'm sure someone could really improve their climbing with a 1:1 class. I think the group lessons would benefit from being smaller with climbers of similar grades (perhaps this could be discussed in advance of the session?). I also think that Wednesday evenings are probably not the best time for group sessions considering how busy the centre is.


Thank you for a great job with group of kids on my son's birthday party!!!

Roby Koster

My daughter takes lessons at the White Spider and absolutely loves climbing. Her party here was the icing on top of the cake. Despite small difficulties finding one of the novice registration form online (I gave the child's name instead of the parent's name - not sure why the difference between all the forms) the staff at reception where really helpful anf kind. The instructor was great with the girls, even with the one who thought she could not make it, she actually reached the top more than once and had fun and laughter. The room/facilities were great, and ordering pizzas was straighforward.

Kate Heaney

We held our daughter's 8th birthday party at White Spider yesterday and after holding several parties at various venues over the years I can say that this party was by far the best one yet! All 18 girls had a great time and even those less confident at the start were climbing and conquering their fears by the end. A huge thank you to our three instructors who looked after the girls beautifully and made it such a fun party. We will be back for just general climbing and for daughter no. 2's party at some point! Thank you.


This was my first time climbing, the instructor who showed me around was very helpful and patient as I largely ignored the advice provided. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be returning again soon.


It was a great experience, but would be nice to have 2 instructors, if the private session is booked for 2 people and paid accordingly. There is very limited time to learn anything. Otherwise, enjoyed it.


Super party. Great chance for children to all have a multiple turns and for those not climbing to be involved throughout. Great party room too. Staff on the phone beforehand and on the day were really helpful. We really enjoyed it.

Steph Adams

This was the second party my eldest daughter has had at White Spider and I'd recommend it to anyone. The kids all had a great time, the instructors were excellent and the reception staff were really helpful even though we had a latecomer. I honestly don't think there is much you could do to improve the place, other than possibly make the cafe area a little bigger. We'll be back next year for daughter number 2's party, without doubt!


Party was great. Both instructors were really good with the children and were very encouraging. Everyone on reception was really helpful even though it was busy. I would recommend it as a party to anyone. Thank you so much

Zsuzsanna Holczinger

Very friendly stuff, great fun for kids 🙂

My daughter love climbing.. It is not the first time that she has done this activity, she loved it. Now she wants to do the course. It was not only very funny, she also met new friends and she learnt a new sport. At the beginning I thought it will be a waste of my money but even when it is expensive I think is very good.


My daughter and her friend, both 9y, had a great time. They shared their session with four other boys and Phillip was great at keeping the team together. Lots of fun for the kids!


Great fun came for a friends birthday party was my first time here and I would definitely come back

Paul griffiths

Today was a first time experience for my 2 daughters needles to say because of the way they were treated by all staff they had an amazing day. Les their instructor was very good not only with my daughter's but there were a four other kids in the class and he did brilliantly keeping the kids entertained all the while being safety conscious and ensuring not only were they safe but having a great time we will definatly be returning very soon


I liked it but I think that [ ] should be more friendly because when he was talking he sounded like he didn't care but apart from that it was good fun


I give Matt and the climbing intro/bouldering session 5 stars. Great! Could hardly be better. Reception desk and cafe area was very poor - what a shame! Reception was unwelcoming and not informative, cafe area was a mess. Good job that Matt more than made up for this with a great climbing experience. Thank you


First go for my 5 year old who was nervous - he enjoyed the Creepy Crawlies and Simon was excellent with him. Many thanks.

K. Coleman

My friend and i came for our first ever climbing experience. Kath greeted us and was our instructor. She did an excellent job both with safety, instruction and encouragement. We both made it to the top every time. Amazing, considering one of us suffers from vertigo! The reception and cafeteria staff were also very helpful and pleasant. The whole morning was very enjoyable. Once the aches and pains have resided we will be back! 🙋

alix davies

excellent session - sarah was lovely with the children and they had loads of time climbing as well as playing games - he learnt a lot in a really fun environment - would definitely recommend it.

Edward Nash & Hannah Howell

First time with you and both children thought it was an amazing experience. Such fun and Cath was great- defnitely coming again and Hannah who lives close is wanting to do a course.

Eddie Lawson

I took my 13 y.o son and his friend for a private session. The instructor (Joe?) was great fun, and once he had realised they had a little experience, he simply ratcheted up the challenge to make it more interesting, including at one point, suggesting they climb up the white spider slab without using hands - they loved it.

My only gripe is that the lesson started 15 minutes late, and finished bang on time (as the instructor had another class to teach afterwards. This should not happen.


My 5 year old daughter loved her 1 to 1 session with an instructor (Andy). She was free to climb wherever she wanted across the large variety of walls. Through the session she grew in confidence and was gently pushed to her limits in a safe but challenging way. Can't praise the place enough. Really enjoyable & a massive smile on her face which was a big winner. Without noticing it, she exercised for an hour using mobility, co-ordination, problem solving, balance & strength. What's not to like?

Kirsty Elliot

My daughter who has bounds of energy (6) is a natural climber (no tree or wall is safe). At White Spider Cath has calmed, inspired and focused her entirely. She absolutely loves it. So much so its now our latest carrot... If you don't behave you won't go! Brilliant, works a treat!

Not only has my daughter loved it, but my whole family 5 of us have been lured into it. We've only tried the auto belays under Cecil's encouraging eye but loved it and got to the top. Very satisfying! Also discovered some new muscles, fab exercise. Thanks White Spider! X


The castle was amazing but he was keen to have a go[climbing]. The lady who put his harness on was helpful and supportive. He pushed his own boundaries and enjoyed the safety of the belay rope. Will come again.

William Burton

We decided that it was time to give climbing a go, despite my wife Helen having vertigo and me being pretty inflexible. Instructor Cecil was massively reassuring (and clearly significantly older than us - sorry Cecil) and had us up a 10m wall in no time. After 40 minutes we were on our 4th wall - a 14m overhanging one that looks simply enormous, and with the confidence to simply jump off at the top and trust the auto-belaying system. We then tried bouldering, which Helen was far better at than me (for now). Gather after two more private lessons we may be allowed to climb independently so we've booked for another hour immediately post half-term. The sense of achievement was enormous as with various sports injuries acquired over the years it seemed that life was becoming more and more restricted, yet here is a whole new exciting sport that we can expand into and even manage to overcome Helen's lifetime of vertigo.

Graham Strudwick

The team are very welcoming and got me into climbing shoes while the group got together. Kath our instructor was very clear, thorough and supportive helping us achieve a lot in the first session. I am reasonably fit but climbing certainly brings into action muscles that you don't use in general sports activities. Looking forward to the next two sessions and will do some upper body exercises in preparation.

Dan Petrovic

Kids really love it. Not only do they really enjoy it, but it certainly boosts their confidence whilst getting some exvercise at the same time.

Daniel Williams & Lauren Stiles

sarah was out instructor for the introduction to climbing class. She was very professional and made the whole experience fun and comfortable. She was concise throughout the teaching and also a great laugh. We would definitely come again and recommend her to anyone looking to learn.


My daughter and friends enjoyed the climbing experience but found the instructor lacking in fun and motivation. She didn't give them much advice on how to climb higher, just told them to get down if they were stuck. A bit more guidance would have been appreciated.

Jean-Philippe Prenovost

Always really enjoy my visits to this center. It has a very nice atmosphere and good energy. The staff could not be more helpful.


We had a great time. I didn't know what to expect but the instruction from Andy was excellent. He was v clear, patient, encouraging and helpful. He had prepared in advance and knew about our daughter (who is deaf and tires easily) and made the whole thing an absolute pleasure for all of us. And especially Polly who has now discovered a sport that she can fully participate in and enjoy just like everyone else. Thank you, Andy. You are a credit to White Spider and the sport as a whole!


I had a great time at my friend's birthday party yesterday. We got to belay and go on the automatic belayers (is that a word?) which was very very fun. Our instructor was nice and funny and friendly and made lots of quite bad jokes. He really helped us and didn't find us too annoying (I hope).

Love Ella


Booked this last minute for my husband and I. Neither of us have ever climbed before. Simon the instructor was brilliant and we both had so much fun, highly recommend to all, and we can't wait to enrol in the beginners course and start climbing more regularly.

Tomas O'Connell

The Auto belays work a lot smoother with an instructor on standby.


Great facility and Dave our instructor was really friendly and had lots of useful tips for beginners. Looking forward to going back.


Had my son's 11th birthday party yesterday. The kids all really enjoyed it. The instructor was great and the staff all super helpful. The party room was a very good size too. Would recommend.

adam webb

We came along on Saturday 28th with our 9 yr old daughter and two of her friends. It was a birthday gift. They all had a great time and will probably come again. Great place and great staff.


I booked a family intro session with my daughter who is 5. She couldn't get enough of climbing and wanted to stay on the walls all day. Our instructor was very clear and friendly and gave us good instructions but also kept it simple enough for a 5 yr old to take in.
We have also been to the kids castle with both daughters (4 & 5) and they love it. We are definitely returning to do more climbing.


My son had his 6th birthday party at White Spider. He and his 7 friends really enjoyed it, and had a great time. Thanks very much.

Keira Alonso Garcia

We did a taster session at 13:00 on Saturday 21st January and loved it. Our instructor was very professional and safety conscious but also friendly and gave us lots of tips. He was very accommodating (especially as we arrived late) and made sure we got as much climbing and tried as many different walls as possible in the time.

James Newell

Booked a private session for me and my daughter to try, and had a brilliant experience. The staff and instructors make you feel welcome, and i'm already in the process of booking a beginners course.

Will highly recommend to friends and family.


I've forgotten the name of my instructor, I think it was Cecil but not sure. Anyway, I had an hour private lesson in the hope that my son with aspergers will have a go in the future. I explained all this to my instructor and he was amazing. He invited him to follow us round, just let my son see everything and watch what I was doing. Was very relaxing. I surprised myself with how many climbs I managed, I wasn't convinced I'd get up once! My instructor was patient and gave me confidence and I came home buzzing! Can't wait to come again. And the best bit is, my son wants to try it next time. Was great to find somewhere so welcoming to those with special needs as often this is not the case. Thank you so much for such a positive experience. The cake is great too

Eddie Lawson

We completed our first session on the beginner's course with Philip. He had a very pleasant manner, and made sure we understood every step before progressing. In fact, there is not too much to take in on the first session - learning how to tie the knots, and how to work the belay, and make sure your partner does not crash to the ground in a broken heap. He managed to keep the session moving along with witty comments, and a very dry sense of humour, whetting our appetite for further knowledge and insights to come. Extremely enjoyable, and there were no accidents.

Gabriela Mucius

My son had his 10th Bday party yesterday. He said it was the best ever. He had 10 friends with him. They all had Fun and enjoyed and parents were very complementary as well. His younger brother with other siblings enjoyed play on the climbing castle white mums and dads drink coffe at the cafe. It was very busy but the place its Great. We already Thinking about going back there as its so close to us. Thank you for such enjoyable experience.

Jo Warren

My daughter went to an 8th birthday party at White Spider last Saturday. She said she loved it and is even thinking of having her party here too!

Sam Whitehead-Clarke

My girlfriend and I had a really nice introduction to Bouldering with Wayne. Very friendly and enthusiastic about climbing, he showed us all the basics before letting us have a go on some beginner routes If you are thinking about climbing I thoroughly recommend this course and Wayne.

Michael English

Myself and my three children have climbed here for years. They started on kids clubs and have been through to now NICAS4/5. Great atmosphere, fantastic staff and interesting routes.

John Halls

The induction with Phillip as my guide was very enjoyable and I managed to successfully negotiate five or six climbs. I had climbed 50 years ago on Rocks Farm and Harrison's, this was given credence, giving me a sense of confidence. A very pleasant experience Thank you Phillip!

Mr Ansari

This was the best thing I have put my boys ages 11 and 12 in to. Facilities/Teaching is excellent. My boys have just completed NICAS 1 and are now on NICAS 2. White Spider offer various climbing styles . Overall am completely satisfied and will be signing myself up too 🙂


We had a really enjoyabke time.our instructor was friendl and pfofess. He helped make this experience eady and fun. It was a nice way to spend some family time together.


Just started NICAS3 Love white spider, enjoy lessons and feels like a friendly place. Glad we found it.

Eddie Lawson

My two sons ged 13 and 16 and I had an introductory lesson with Simon as a holiday outing. We all loved it. It was physically challenging but we could progress at our own pace. Simon made sure all our practices were safe without getting in the way of the enjoyment. We will definitely be back for more.


My teenager son and I really enjoyed our bouldering induction with Cath, we feel like we challenged ourselves in a safe environment and can't wait to go back and practice unsupervised. Excellent customer services over the phone and at the desk, an overall excellent experience, thank you!

Karen rossi

We really like white spider...have come a few times with our son to play in the castle...once he was five we had him do a few sessions with an instructor and then his birthday party. Instructors are very competent and are teaching even young kids about supporting each other when climbing. Very informal atmosphere and truly a climber's paradise. Our son has just started Creepy Crawlers and we hope he will continue with climbing for years to come


I love white spider! I always look forward to going because the teachers are so nice and the walls are really fun to climb. It's cool that everyone there is really into climbing. The cafe is a good place to have a break, and for the little kids there is a castle for them to climb - my 5 year old brother really likes the castle!


Went with partner and 2 friends the day after New Year to try something new. we were all complete novices and went for an hours private session. Simon, our instructor, was fantastic and not on,y very patient, but very encouraging. When I started, nerves got the better of me and I only made it half way up the wall. By the end of the hour, with Simons help, made it almost to the top. What a fantastic day and we're now all keen to go back and try more. Will definitely be back to do the beginners course. Good value for money as well.

T. Frame

Myself & 3 friends decided to try White Spider on a whim as none of us had ever climbed before. Upon entry the place seemed daunting but we were lucky as we had been booked with Simon. This guy made us feel welcome & at no point were we made to feel like novices which helped a great deal. Simon explained everything he was doing and we all knew we were safe in his hands & were soon climbing without hesitation. We are now looking forward to taking the first course very soon and this is down to the friendly, calm nature of your instructor.


What a start to the New Year. I went with 3 others last minute idea as we had all wanted to try something new and exciting which we hadn't tried before, plus it was only round the corner. We were greeted by our instructor, Simon, for a private 1 hour session (great price!) and got stuck in pretty quick. Simon made us all feel at ease, very encouraging to all our abilities and explained everything exceptionally clearly. We only planned to do this once as a fun day out but I think all 4 of us have found a new hobby and will be signing up for a proper beginners course to challenge ourselves and get better. Much more fun than the gym and always something new to learn. Highly recommend this place and Simon.


We went as a family and enjoyed the climbing with the auto belay s. The bouldering walls were brilliant to test strength and agility. We will be going back.


We come quite often and just use the autobelays and it's great. Staff are helpful and friendly, and with more auobelays now up we have more choice. I've also noticed there are more top roped routes now too so I had best dust down my old climbing skills and get on more walll!


Amazing,my children love this place.

David McArthur

Thanks we had a good time and everyone was helpful


My daughter has been there for 3 times, It was amazing . She loved it, enjoyed and she had a lot of fun. I high recommend it. We are planing to come back again.


Being complete novices, me and my son (5 years old) had a lovely time on the hour trial session with Cec. He was very calm, patient with both of us. Thank you so much.


I enjoyed the climbing very much

Kevin Harper

We took my daughter and two of our god children in the afternoon at White Spider. we started with a very useful and informative session with Cecil (who was great), then they had 30 minutes on the auto belays (which they loved) and finished with a run around in the castle .... what a top day.


We love going here and the staff is very helpful


I have had brilliant 1-1 climbing sessions with Cec Hughes. Cec is a fantastic teacher with great ability to nurture confidence and teach technique. I would highly recommend Cec and also the climbing centre...

Lorraine Laccohee

A brilliant hour instructed by Les who was excellent at encouraging the children (5 and 7). Both want to go back. It was great to do something different as a family. Thankyou so much .


Excellent hour - 4 of us shared private lesson and we all loved it. Cecil worked hard to make sure we all learnt loads which would assist us going forwards with our climbing. Shame it was only an hour as he so obviously had a mass of information to pass on and a passion for climbing- thank you! We will come back for more!


I really enjoyed it I would love to go again.

Zoe Latter

My son is on the weekly NICAS programme but wanted a 1:1 for his birthday. He described it as 'awesome' and clearly learnt a huge amount in his session, Matt is an excellent instructor and takes the time to explain everything in detail. He is calm, friendly and professional and a real asset to White Spider. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Sarah Andrews

David was excellent. All the kids loved it and really gained in confidence. I would recommend white spider to anyone

holly henderson

Hazel is a brilliant instructor, she was very patient and encouraging with my 16 year old daughter who thoroughly enjoyed her one to one session and now she cannot wait to return for the next one. The café is also very good!

Johnny Richards

David was the perfect instructor to 'show us the ropes' of climbing. With his wealth of experience and personable way, we soon were scaling the walls under his watchful eye.
Thanks David for making it so enjoyable and giving us the confidence to want to keep climbing.


My daughter had a lovely time. It was a bit disappointing that 3 of them weren't allowed in the castle for an extra 5 mins at the end of the party.


Went to White Spider attended birthday party. Awesome place for children to learn about self confidence and overcome fear, really pleased there's place for young people to go to that has educational value also great place for family quality time together


Thanks so much for a super 7th birthday celebration. All the kids had a great time. They were well looked after-the instructors were fab!

Russell Kemp

Great place for a kids' party. A good time had by all. Excellent instruction and good cafe! Thank you White Spider!


Great session. Girls had lots of fun and really improved in their confidence during the lesson. David was very patient and helpful.


My daughter had 6 sessions with Hazel on a one to one basis, I can't recommend her highly enough, she was brilliant, incredible patient as my daughter has special needs. Keep it up White Spider and Hazel is such a great asset to your team!

liz hart

A group of us went to have a go at climbing and we were not disappointed. As newbies Stew suggested we pay for a 15 min try on the novice wall and he was spot on in suggesting it. We also took instruction from Nat who was the most patient of instructors and so encouraging. If you haven't given it a go but always thought it might be fun, then yes it is and I would recommend white spider.


I completed the beginners climbing course with our instructor David last weekend. It was a brilliant experience. Instructor was insightful, providing useful tips on technique and of course safety. Would certainly recommend.Five stars to the venue , the instructor (David)and the staff.

Jim Hawkins

I particularly enjoyed the training sessions with David. He taught with carefully thought through, learner-sensitive precision and kept the pace perfectly in tune with the speed of progress.
The emphasis on safety was clear and even poetic at times! David also shared very good technique and drill tips which I particularly valued. It's clear David has a wealth of experience in both climbing and teaching.
I left feeling safe, secure in knowledge and confidence to return for my first "unattended" climbing session.
I cannot recommend doing this course at White Spider more highly, especially if David is your tutor! With thanks, Jim


My 7 and 9 year olds enjoyed their experience at spider urban and they were in a small group of 6 that not climbed before. Understandably they were all nervous in how to get down once thay was at the top. The only suggestion i would make is that it would be ideal to teach them how to go down first before they took turn to climb up to the top.


My 10 year old son with a friend had a lovely private lesson with Omar who took them through the different stages. They enjoyed it a lot and definitely want to come back.


The second kids party we have had, this time for our 10 year old daughter and 5 friends. Lovely friendly staff and instructor. Accommodated one stressed friend arriving 30 minutes late without missing a beat. Thoroughly recommended.


My nephew and I took part in a beginners class, I have never climbed before and my nephew has a few times. The instructor was really friendly, explained everything thoroughly and she was great at calming people's nerves. I'm utterly terrified of heights, but by the end of the lesson I had managed to climb all the way to the top of the wall!

Charlotte Barnett

This was my first time and my husband's second time climbing. I didn't know what to expect but David was fantastic at teaching us the basics. He kept me calm and taught us all we needed to know. We are certain that we will book more lessons with him in the future. Thanks so much.


I bought this for a birthday present and we had such a great time! My partner thoroughly enjoyed learning how to climb with and without ropes and being taught techniques to effectively climb. I didn't think I would go higher than my own height and Les was very patient and supportive when encouraging me to climb higher! It was great how we got straight into climbing and no time was wasted! Will definitely come again and even thinking about doing the beginners course! Thank you very much!


My 6 year old daughter went for the first time and we were very happy to see how quickly her confidence grew and she was able to do the climbing and enjoyed it swell. Really good instructor and great venue!


Although excellent facilities and lovely staff we left feeling pretty let down as during our family session we only had 2 turns going up the wall each! After paying 37 pound for two people to have a total of 4 turns between them I felt it was a lot of money for not a lot of fun! Sadly I would probably not return due to this.


Great value fun and exercise with 2 daughters. Allowed me to climb on challenging routes too.


Kids loved their 90 minutes with Matt. It's great to see them enjoying the challenge.

The group was small (6 in total) so everyone got the attention required.

One quibble? The non climbing bit (cafe area and seating in the main room) is looking a bit worse for wear now - the sofas are the same ones as you had 4 or 5 years ago and showing their age. The venue smelt a bit too. That sweat/cheesy feet combo so reminiscent of student days!

A bit of a renovation / tidy up of the non-climing areas and the 4 will turn into a 5 star.

The main thing is my mini-climbers loved it.




We tried WS out for the first time as my 9 year old had started to find smaller climbing places a little easy. Great place. Great small groups. Great instructor. Reasonable coffee- good price. Will be back, Only comment- though didn't effect us, it''S a but scruffy - but properly about climbing.

Chris Robertson

Simon ran a first rate 1-to-1 session for my daughter. He was really patient, supportive and helped her have a really great time.


I booked a private 1 hour session for my son's birthday for him and three friends. They really enjoyed the climbing, however I was not impressed with their instructor. He was very strict which I obviously agree with considering safety but he was also generally grumpy and unfriendly with them. This was a shame as I don't think he got the best climbing out of the boys.


We had a children's party there and the whole experience was great. The instructor was good and patient with the children, and the children really enjoyed it (7 & 8 year old). The reception staff were also very helpful; we hadn't fill out all of the waiver forms online beforehand and they made no fuss about it. Great service overall, we'll be back!


Attended second session of our beginners' course this evening. Great fun and slightly more physically challenging than last week. Tash keep us all interested and is patient when we may struggle now and then with our "knots". Attempted bouldering tonight too - may feel stiff tomorrow but thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Not bad for a couple of women in their 50s!!


Nice chilled training session, great to have someone iron out bad habits and provide some focus on my progression.

Jon is very relaxed and provides great feed back with tips to help improve your climbing.


This Sunday, White Spider hosted my daughter's 10th birthday party. She had 16 friends and they all had a fabulous time. The instructors were good - feedback from children was their manner was 'strict' (so down one star on rating), though realise necessary to an extent due to the activity. The venue was perfect, exciting - great bouncy castle to jump off breakfast before the 1.5 hour climb. Children were split into 3 groups by height so some disgruntlement as friends were separated from best buddies but that did not quash the enjoyment. 16 fit perfectly into the party room and the venue were generous in letting us in to set up early and being fairly relaxed about duration of its use. The bar staff even refilled my large latte for free when it had been spilt - very accommodating. I would highly recommend - make sure you get there early doors for a parking space and also that all kids have filled in waivers before the event day. Enjoy!


We had a children's party there and the climbing itself was fine - nice instructors who were patient with the children - and the kids really enjoyed it. The front of house staff weren't helpful though - I got the sense they don't usually do or like having children's parties there. One lady in particular was rather cross with us because we hadn't filled out all of the permissions forms online beforehand and that each parent had to do this for each child (despite me being told over the phone earlier in the day that I could do this myself without each parent needing to do it themselves). She was generally short with the children and not particularly helpful. Very simple thing to get right and when you're paying over £200, you expect some helpful service!


Great fun with a lot of emphasis on safety which is good. I will be practising my climbing knots before the next session!!! Tash was patient with us, explaining the knots numerous times until we got it right.The buddy system works well with one person climbing and the other being responsible for the harness and instructing the climber if necessary. looking forward to next week when we will be practising falling!!!

Nev Ayling

Really enjoyable and instructive. Les was patient and also skilled at explaining tricky moves. Didn't ask too much but managed to get the best from the session without feeling wiped out.


First ever visit for a family taster session for 1 hour. Instructor thought she had 3 people but actually 9 arrived so more instructors required. 2 more instructors arrived to help finally get to climb 20 mins into the hour.
Overall climbimg and instructor led session is 5 star. However reception and organisation was poor so bit disappointed af first.


David was awesome - very calm and thorough and instantly commanded the attention and respect of my ten-year-old who was a little apprehensive, David took us through some core skills and taught me the basics of belaying. We were climbing walls pretty quickly and found the hour lesson to be the perfect mix of instruction and fun – highly recommended!

Joel greenwood

My son and I had a brilliant time
I am aching were I never thought possible
Hats off too much the staff at white spider


We arrived absolute beginners and left feeling competent and confident. David's instruction was calm, thorough and very professional. We now feel excited about our next visit and building on what we've learnt.

Richard harris

Excellent introduction to lead climbing, everything was explained well and any questions we had were answered above and beyond what I was expecting. The instructor was fantastic with so much knowledge and experience to share.

Ger Foley

The course was great. Our instructor gave us a quick brief of what we need to complete our training over the 2 sessions.Very practical approach to the training made simple with his years of was a great day and went quick because of this relaxed training from simple advice on our climbing technique to tips on improving climbs and equipment. I am new to indoor climbing and the other climbers were more experienced on the course but It was not about your level of skill climbing more about the safety / practical technique required. Thank you


This was a great beginners course giving us a good introduction to climbing. Our instructor David was very knowledgable and informative and made us feel comfortable learning something new. I would recommend to all, great fun!!


It was my first ever climbing experience the place was buzzing with people. I did have a very good crash course in climbing and I would recommend it. The instructor was very friendly and knew what he was doing. The only point I would make is that it I would have liked more information about the taster session as I would have chosen to do the bouldering upstairs rather than go straight into climbing which I found challenging. I have physical limitations due to a medical condition and as I wasn't asked I didn't mention it which I should have as I think I needed the instructor to take that into consideration. I am going to go back but will start slowly upstairs first :))

Jane Barrett-Danes

We did the beginners' course in March/April and have been coming regularly since, and decided to book a private lesson to get some movement coaching. Simon was really good and we learnt a lot - will definitely put his advice and coaching into practice. Only downside was that it was pretty expensive - £60 for an hour. I'd book again if it were cheaper.

Ruth smith

Fantastic party for my 7 year old at White spider yesterday, the instructor was great with the 6 children particularly as they were quite mixed ability and confidence levels, all of them really enjoyed it. My younger daughter and her friend (age5) had a great time on the castle and auto belay. The party room is perfect to bring your own food and cake. All staff very helpful. Thank you!


My daughter celebrated her 8th birthday with you yesterday. Six children with one brilliant instructor and a tea party in the 'spare' room afterwards. The parents who stayed were very impressed as was I! Thank you for a fun and relaxed party that all the children loved


This fun and the instructor was very helpful I would Definitely Come again. I recommend it good for family day out.

Alex, Dave & Tom

Really fantastic first experience of climbing with Phillip who catered for the family needs of an unconfident 5 year old, more experienced dad, and middle aged mum with vertigo very well! Excellent, calm and chilled out attitude, would highly recommend. Thanks Phillip.


My 6yo caught did a casual creepy craw lies session last week and loved it, What's more I want a go now.
Her instructor was professional and took charge of the little ones, encouraging and instructing them confidently, which is very reassuring for the parents watching on. My 10m son had fun watching them all climbing up and down the walls too. We'll definitely be back.


My boys spent 30 mins on the auto belay on the 28th August at 11:15. They have been many times before and always have a great time. They also love playing in the castle. Unfortunately the blonde staff member (sorry I should have asked for a name) was incredibly bad tempered both when serving on the desk and when giving instruction for the auto belay. Such a shame as we had never experienced this before. We have had Joe many times who is nothing but friendly and always chats to the kids. My eldest son has also attended a holiday session before and loved the instructors. It would have been 4 or 5 stars if not for this!

Kirsty Elliot

My 9 year old daughter and her friend (same age) came for a casual session in the holidays. They absolutely loved it! Wore them out for the day, brilliant! Learnt loads in one session and were incredibly confident by the end. Fabulous! Highly recommend it. Thanks


My 11 year old and 9 year old had a fantastic 'Casual Arachnids' session here one Saturday morning. My 11 year old hadn't even wanted to go but she loved it. There were 6 children in the group but, rather than standing around watching the others climb til it was their go, Philip had them belaying for the climber so they were fully occupied all the time (with Philip holding the end of the line of course!). He pushed them to keep trying if he thought they could do it but no-one was judged if they didn't want to go all the way to the top. They moved around and tried lots of different walls and had some fun on the clip and climb too. Both want to go back.
Meanwhile the small cafe had reasonably priced drinks and snacks and there were plenty of places to sit and most of the time you could still see the children climbing from your seat too.


Once again really great experience . My two girls loved it , one of which actually attends nicas course on a Saturday . But for a quick session during the holidays ideal . Joe was great as all the staff are. Keep up the good work .


My 13 year old son attended 4 Spider Day Camps over the summer. I was a little worried that he might get a bit bored spending the whole day climbing but he LOVED it! He was really proud of how he progressed over the 4 days and particularly liked some of the team games. Thanks for a wonderful time!

Dan Gray

Went to an adult taster session to see what it's all about, the instructor was absolutely brilliant, very easy to work with and great teacher, thoroughly enjoyed the session, would recommend it to anybody. Thanks again Cecil!

David Basham

My 8 year old grandson thoroughly enjoyed his group session with Ed yesterday who taught his class with fun and care. We will be back when he next comes to stay with us.

Jo M

My 12 year old daughter attended an Arachnids class (to help with the summer NICAS withdrawal)

Her instructor was Simon.

She had a fantastic time, Simon is a great instructor.

We will be back very soon!

Jo M

Brought two 12 year olds for a summer climb, they had a fun time!

Chris Aldred

My wife and I took my young cousins down for a taster session. Simon was fantastic with both the kids and us adults always trying to teach us whilst ensuring we were safe.
Will definitely be back again!

Matthew Smith

My 8 and 5 year old children and I came for a family taster session under the instruction of Les. We all really enjoyed the experience and hope to be back for more!


My nine year old son shared a party here with his friend and l can't recommend you all enough. From start to finish the service was friendly and helpful, and on the day the instructors were superb! There were a few boys who were a little wary of climbing high, but the instructors were helpful and encouraging, and many of the boys reached the very top!
Thank you everyone!

Drew hill

Cecil was a really excellent instructor, felt very reassured and tested at the same time. Father and son of 14 both came away with smiles and aims to do much more climbing

Scott Beckford

its been 10+ years and 2 kids since my wife and i last climbed. We booked ourselves in for a couple of refresher classes.
Really enjoyed them and looking to sign up for regular climbing again asap!


Karen was fantastically inspiring to me and my kids, I think you might have made some climbers for life!


Our 7 year-old attended a birthday party there last week-end. Climbing and good food made it 'the best party ever'! His words. We actually hadn't head of White Spider Climbing before but the facilities look great and we'll be back for a fun family session.

Jolande Botha-Smith

My daughter had her 7th birthday party af The White Spider. She and her friends had a brilliant time! The 3 instructors were fantastic with the kids and really motivated and encouraged them to conquer their fears. The kids had a lot of fun. I highly recommend a rock climbing party at The White Spider!

Kerry Prescott Brann

Booked 1 hour private session for my 10 year old son, his 2 friends and his 7 year old brother for his birthday. Despite differing abilities/ confidence levels every single boy had a fantastic time - Sess was encouraging/ enthusiastic/supportive and they all did so well. We are now going to book some further sessions as both boys want to come back! Booking process also super efficient from my initial enquiry to booking. Thank you!


Great instructor really enjoyed the session


Came for my sons 7th birthday with 3 friends.
They all really enjoyed it and will was very encouraging and good with them.
Would reccomend!


Two grandchildren climbing and belaying with Les. Very clear instructions, good management of the time and the kids, very good all round.


Phil was great with my grandson, through a combination of clear instructions, encouragement and an occasional bit of help taking off the weight, he gets him doing quite awkward overhands in only his fifth lesson. The boy comes away tired, after a lot of climbing, but with a real sense of achievement. Excellent session.


Had a taster class with my daughter yesterday.
Great value and great time had by both of us

Bobbie, Jenny & Laura

Philip's lead climbing course was excellent. His instructions were clear, concise and set at a pace which allowed us to fully absorb each detail. His course was incredibly well thought out and covered everything we needed to know to get us lead climbing confidently and competently. We particularly liked how he included explanations as to 'why' things are done in certain ways, this has helped to inform our climbing overall, not just when leading. Thanks Philip!


I booked a family introduction course, for £74.00 for 4 people. I thought that it would be only our family, not realising it was up to six people. With six people in the class it really was a very brief taster and not quite what I had hoped for.

vikki hume

My 11-year-old son recently had a small party at White Spider with a few friends. The instructor was great - so encouraging and lovely with the children. They started with some climbing and then had some time bouldering with some fun games. They all had a great time which meant we (parents) could enjoy it too! Many thanks


We had 12 very excited 12y old girls for a birthday party and they all had a blast. It was a great activity, and something to challenge them.

The website was very easy to navigate and book, and the staff very friendly.

All in all, a great afternoon. The birthday girl was so pleased with her experience, we are thinking of doing the course so we can come by ourselves. Thank you White Spider


Booked 1.5 hour for my son (16) and daughter (14). They really enjoyed it. Patrick was great - encouraging them and not letting them give up too easily. Great for teens.

Jo M

My 11 year old attended Arachnids this half term - she had a great time as usual.

Thank you 🙂

Brad Morris

Got a one-to-one instructor session for my boy for his birthday. He loved it & really took to the walls! Great service, the instructor (Patryk) was really engaging and kept him moving. Great time!


Great mix of encouragement and support from Phil for my grandson. He mastered some overhangs as a result. Thanks, Phil.


Very good session with Wayne for my grandson. Encouraging and demanding but always supportive and focused on safety. Good atmosphere at White Spider - no headphones so people talk to each other.


We had a birthday party at the White Spider for my 8-year old son and 10 of his friends. The party and venue exceeded my expectations on every level. The staff were both highly skilled (for the climbing) and flexible (for the little snafus like a guest or two running late due to traffic). The children LOVED the climbing experience. The instructors were great keeping everyone engaged and safe, so as a parent, I got to enjoy it. The party room was spacious, and well laid out. It's now been several days and parents are still telling me how much their children enjoyed their experience!


Andy was brilliant today! I climbed a couple of warm-up walls then he gave me some technique tips on hand & foot placement which I then put into practice and found easier! We moved to harder climbs which I loved, Andy was great with encouragement & I've now signed up for the beginners course starting Monday! Can't wait!


Session for 9 children for my twins 10 years old party. Very good afternoon, all enjoyed and had fun in a safe environment. Many thanks to the team!

Paul Lambert

The beginner's course was well run and really benefitted from our instructor, Simon. He created a fun, safe and supportive atmosphere that allowed us quickly to get to grips with a lot of great techniques and safety knowledge. Thanks for a great 6 hour intro to climbing!

Jo M

My 11 year old attended a casual Arachnids session over the Easter holiday. She had a great time, as she always does at White Spider. Many Thanks!


My wife and I completed the second half of the Beginners course last night. Really enjoyed both sessions. Very relaxed introduction but safety reinforced throughout. Never felt uncomfortable. Exceeded my expectations. We will definitely book some lessons but have no hesitation in coming down on our own now....and lovely coffee too.


My daughter's chose White Spider for her birthday party and it did not disappoint. Both instructors were patient and encouraging with good guidance and instruction. My daughter and her friends absolutely loved the experience and will be going back k. Thank you for a unique experience.

Glenn Baldock

White Spider is a fantastic place, all the staff are polite and friendly. They looked after my Guide dog Arny for me and I felt at ease knowing that he was safe while I was rock climbing. The instructor I has was brilliant and couldn't ask for anyone better, she made shore I had a great time and she knew about my blindness, she doubled make shore the rope was tied and safe. I definitely recommend going and trying it out, private lesson seems a little high (£40) but after you had a hour of climbing it was/is worth every penny. With indoor rock climbing you get two sports in one - You rock climb up and abseil down - Now what sport has that? All the customers are friendly, what was amazing when I was there - I spoke to a customer who took her son there a few times and then started to try it out for herself - fantastic mum - hats of to her for being a great mum. can't wait to go back and rock climb again! Why don't you try it out for yourselves and give it ago?

Olamide and Lyka

A nervous climber, I felt completely at ease and rearing to go -under the expert tuition of my instructor! A great place to learn to climb, all the members of staff are friendly and there's a great vibe in the place. I only wish I could have stayed for longer but I will definitely be taking out a full membership along with my daughter! My 11 year old daughter is already a novice climber but she welcomed the challenge and loved every single second with our instructor, Simon! Thank you for a great session!

Peter West

Excellent lesson for my grandson and me. Patrick was clear on all the safety requirements and his instructions for belaying and encouraged my grandson to make it to the top with some stretching. We will be coming back for more.


We had a family climbing taster session for an hour with Simon and it was a great experience. My two children aged 9 and 7 loved it and got to try out walls of increasing levels of difficulty. I learned how to be-lay wich was great. Will definitely be back for more climbing.


I had an epic time with my twin brother.


I took my 9 year old daughter and her friend for a one off session and they both climbed like spider monkeys! Great venue, brilliant instructor, superb facilities. Can't wait to sign my daughter up for the weekly sessions!


We went for an hours family private lesson at white spider. 2 adults and 3 children. We had Patrick the instructor who was very friendly helpful
And kind. Our children are 10, 9 and 6. We had an excellent time and it was just enough climbing for all.

I have learnt to tie myself on and Wayne is a great teacher!👍


Did the first half of the intro course. Was really impressed with how we pretty much got stuck straight in and learnt a lot. The instructor Ces was really good - was over my expectations and am looking forward to next week

Gary Hartnoll

Very good first session with Wayne teaching myself and my two sons how to lead climb. Looking forward to the second half of the course when we learn to belay for lead climbing.


We booked a private session for 2 people to improve our technical skills in lead climbing. Cecil asked us to do some climbs, and was giving us tips and corrections from minute one of the lesson to the last one. I totally recommend a private session if you want to improve your climbing.

Emma Paterson

Great first time here trying it out with my son on one of the holiday activities. He loved it!! And I managed to tire him out. Will definitely be back

Sam Dewan

Great 1:1.session with Cecil. Very good at explaining .


Second time celebrating my daughter's party in this great venue. Coaching is excellent and the team very helpful. Thank you


I had the first of three 2 hour sessions of the Beginner's Course yesterday and it was really good, I was amazed by how much I learnt in just 2 hours! My instructor Wayne was great, he explained everything clearly and thoroughly and gave us all plenty of time to get the hang of things and build confidence. By the end of the evening we were climbing, all under his watchful eye! I'm really looking forward to the next session....


Great instruction, varied sessions covering loads of key skills. David was really hot on technique though and setting us up to keep climbing after the course. So useful for giving people confidence not to be intimidated when coming back alone. 100% worth it.


Daughters' 7th birthday party, group of 6, brilliant time the coaching is excellent and the White Spider venue and team welcoming, and very helpful. We will planning more parties for younger siblings.


it was great fun, truly enjoy every bit ..will be doing it again for sure..

Karen skipper

Party if 6 for a 10th birthday party. They all had a great time. Thoroughly recommend it.

Rob Watson

Took my partner and my daughter for an hour's climbing instruction, David was extremely informative, helpful and a great teacher. None of us had climbed before but we all had a fantastic time and will definitely be making this a regular thing!

Annie Gibb

Excellent afternoon of fun for 6 boys and a great coach who interacted with them all the time . They really had a great time
Definitely doing it again
Annie Gibb

Saskia Mattiko

Our daughter has really enjoyed her sessions with Joe. He makes it very challenging, but fun at the same time.

Daniela H.

Fabulous birthday party for a bunch of 10-year-olds. Will definitely do it again.


Sorry I forgot the name of the lady teaching us. She was very nice. Everything about the session was great apart from one little issue. It was my 5 year old's first time and she climbed right to the top in double time!! But because she wasn't taught how to come down, she was scared had a lot of difficulty. I feel that the kids should have been taught how to come down before getting right to the top. Thank for for an overall great time!


I took my son and 4 of his friends for a private lesson they absolutely loved everything about it from the climbing to the instructor. I will be booking up for the Easter holidays great fun had by all!


Me and my partner had such a fantastic time (private session. Valentines special) a really good first experience thanks to the professional instuctor we had and all the helpful friendly staff there. He encouraged us to do different things so it wasn't boring at all and got the most out of our money and 1h session! We are really happy with our experience and with no doubt go again 🙂

Ted Wainman

10/10 for a 10 year old's birthday party. Professional staff who really went that extra mile. Thanks

Brad Morris

Took my 9yr old boy & he had a BLAST!! He took to it very well, felt challenged & completely safe. A real confidence boost for him, and he still talks about. Definitely a good time and would go back!
Staff were friendly, professional and our instructor made it very easy.

Only tiny complaint is that the sessions with a group a 6 did mean it was hard to find a spot on the wall, which meant I only got up twice in my 1hour session.

Aneliya Petrova

Fantastic Place, My older son attends classes usually over the school breaks, he absolutely loves coming to White Spider.Lovely staff,too

Ali Barnes

Absolutely fantastic! All 4 children had an incredible time. It really challenged all of them - catering for all the different stages they were at. The instructor Kath was very professional, inspirational and encouraging. The children loved it all, the 'Squish' game was a perfect end!

Elise Pritchard

Had a really good time, with an excellent instructor who delivered just the information we needed to enjoy the day to the full and learn a thing or two.
He took excellent care of our well sized group of various ages and we really enjoyed it.
My 8 yr old Nephew is already asking when we can go again 🙂


My son who is 8 climbed up to the top I am proud of him I think that'sbecsuse the staff were so professional


My husband booked a private lesson for us on Valentines day as a fun way to start the day. We had never climbed before and didn't know what to expect. We were assigned Max (I think!) as our instructor who taught us everything we needed to know to be able to come again and do it on our own. I am still aching today from the workout, but it was so much fun and as someone who has a fear of heights, I definitely managed to conquer some of that. We are already looking forward to coming back. Thanks so much 🙂

Mrs Jenkin

We had an 8 year old's birthday party here (6 boys), and they all really enjoyed the climbing. The price was reasonable and they had a great instructor who was very patient and personable.

What didn't work as well was after the party, as the room for rent is not that nice (we didn't hire it but I have seen it at another child's birthday) and there isn't an easy option for food. We bought food from the cafe but it didn't work that well and was bit manic. Finally it seems unreasonable that the children can't then play on the castle until their parents arrive. Being able to occupy them there for 10 minutes doesn't seem like the end of the world for White Spider.

Overall a positive experience and a fun party - with the caveats noted.

Dawn Dale

Booked a party of 6 - 10-23 year olds and they all loved it. Thank you for your patience and guidance.

Emma Barton

We booked a birthday party for 20 8 year old girls. It was brilliant. The girls were split into 4 groups -just by friends -not abilty - everybody had a go.Some had climbed before, but many had not. The instructors clearly explained what they had to do and looked after their groups very, very well. Everybody cheered everybody's efforts and were encouraged to give it a go. It was an excellent day. Thankyou so much to the 4 great instructors - you were much appreciated!

Anouska Backshall

Greatest 7th Birthday ever!
18 kids on a climbing wall - you'd think was a hectic event but the instructors are so professional and the event went seamlessly.

Thank you to the WS team x

Paul Lambert

We booked this coaching session because my daughter had shown a real natural ability at climbing through the NICAS (Level 1 and 2) instruction. Jon provided a very thorough and intensive 1 hour coaching session to see how far and quickly she could progress. The feedback was really helpful and he judged how hard to push her well.

It would be good to have had more clarity about the next steps from here although it was a good coaching session.

Sarah Roberts

We attended a taster course yesterday at White Spider with instructor Wayne. My daughter who is 7 and her friends absolutely loved it. Wayne encouraged everyone and supervised the children brilliantly. He was really enthusiastic and helpful. The facilities at white spider are great and it's do good to see climbers of all levels enjoying the experience. Many thanks.


Booked a family taster session for my oldest (14 yrs). He enjoyed himself and would like to sign up. While we waited we sampled the cafe - great! - and youngest enjoyed the castle - great fun. The only criticism is the availability of NICAS 1 courses after work/school times. I think he'll have to wait quite some time!

James Daniel

My wife, big son and I booked on this course (Beginners Course - Learn to climb unsupervised; 2 x 3-hr sessions on consecutive Sat and Sun) together. We wanted to be able to supervise our younger son (10 yrs) safely while he learns. We certainly did that.

I found the instructor friendly and clear. The emphasis of this course is on safety, with some coverage of technique, and the instructor certainly walked the talk in that respect.

We all got plenty of practice climbing and belaying - they are both essential for a course like this. The "walk-in test" at the end (go outside, come back in again, and start as you would if you were on your own, with the instructor watching in the background) is a very good idea, to check that we all knew what to do for real, when there isn't an instructor about.

The facilities are great, as is the gear we borrowed/hired.

One thing I would change is to have a brief warm-up before the start of each session. It's good practice anyway, to maximise performance and avoid injury, and beginners won't always know that they should do it. At my age, I certainly need it!

And there aren't quite enough toilets to go round at peak times.


Ed was a fantastic instructor and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. However we were disappointed to learn fron the receptionist that the provision of climbing shoes wasn't included considering we paid £60 for the session. Also the locker locks were extremely stiff and we had to change lockers for that reason. At the end of the session our locker wouldn't open and the supervisor had to use the spare key to open it. I would have given a higher rating otherwise.


We had a great time at White Spider. Our instructor, Wayne, gave us great encouragement and just the right level of challenge. Thank you!


My son had his 9th birthday here - we booked a taster session for 6 and it was the perfect party! Wayne was very encouraging to the children who needed extra help and challenged everyone of all climbing ability whilst all having fun. It was great to see the children working together to support and cheer on their friends - which set a great precedent for the rest of the party. Thank you! We will be back again.


Great instruction - Cecil knew when to push her and when to give her a break. My daughter came out after the first session with the ability to tie a knot and was feeling very chuffed with herself. She did 7 climbs and was ready to do more after those.
She is looking forward to coming back next week. We had the same experience with our son, who is now doing his NICAS Level 1.


Great climbing center!
Though it would be more fun for kids if it had some routes counting time it takes you to get to the top. I don't know how it's called but it looks like a button you have to press at the beginning and a button at the top.


Sarah was fantastic at White Spider. She was great with our group of children (age range 7-14). She inspired them all with confidence and made climbing fun. I would definetly recommend White Spider to any newcomer to climbing. Our children wanted to go again!


White spider is a great experience. I was given advice on technique for climbing and bouldering and even which equipment to get. My instructor was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Really great time. Thank you


Great session for me and my friend. Showed us the ropes and got to try and few different walls too.

Emma O'Neill

Another great session at White Spider! Sarah was brilliant, and my girls really enjoyed themsleves. Thanks again!

Letitia Yeng

My daughter had her 9th birthday there with 5 other friends. They totally enjoyed it and many friends said they wanted to have their parties there too. The parents who went are now trying to arrange a session of our own after dropping kids off! Also the fact that there is an area for the siblings was totally cool. Bear in mind that you need to watch the younger ones so be prepared that you can't watch both kids at the same time. THANK YOU!!!


My daughter had a great time, as always, at White Spider. She would go there every day if she could!


My son has had many lessons and they have all been spot on...instructors listen to your needs and get straight on with it for a full hour, ability is progressing well, defo be back.


We attended with 5 children, boys & girls ranging from 9-14. They all thoroughly enjoyed it & said that it didn't seem like an hour had passed at all..


Me and my best friend did the open taster on sunday 29th november, it was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the entire session.

Julie Daniel

We had a private lesson yesterday with Simon (for me and my ten year old son). Simon was absolutely lovely and really built my son's confidence. We both did far more climbing than we expected to and had a fabulous time. We will definitely be back! Thanks for a great session.

Khalid Bhunnoo

Was nervous at first, but with the kindness and patience of Cecil, my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our climbing lessons. Learnt so much and can't get enough of rock climbing now.

Mark Taylor

Took a party of 8No 12 year old boys, nervous starting but with gentle encouragement from instructor they all done really well, climbed higher and concurred some fear

All left with a big smile and real Buzz

Would recommend to anyone


Took my two boys climbing for the first time at White Spider. Both had a great time and will go back again. The instructors we great and made the boys feel welcome. Great facility, very popular!




First time climbing. My wife and I had Cecil. He was excellent. Patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. Let us go at our own pace but helped us develop quickly and confidently in only one lesson. Would definitely recommend him

A Ross

Great birthday event for my daughter Maia and her 5 friends. They all loved it and had a fabulous time. Sarah was great, very patient with them and took no nonsense. The parents now want to give it a go!


A fantastic time in a great place! Will thanks so much for everything...see you real soon White Spiderssss!


Simon was absolutely brilliant, and the girls had a fantastic time!! We loved White Spider, and have already signed up our youngest daugher for the NICAS course, looking forward to going back next week.


Very happy with instructor. Get back home in one piece. Left with 5 very happy children. All my concerns helped with and sorted by instructor and staff members. One child started being horrified of height and left happy with instructor help. Little one enjoyed the castle very much. Successful day for us. Thank you

Philippa & James

We have now had 4 hours of instruction with Wayne and it has been fantastic!

Wayne fills you with confidence from guiding you up the route to giving you the confidence in doing your own knots and belaying for your partner.

Both James and I felt that Wayne couldn't have put anymore into the session with us. He went at our pace. Made it fun and engaging but at the same time pushing us to go a little further then we thought we could.

We are looking forward to booking future sessions with Wayne to enhance our climbing skills!!

Thanks Wayne


Great session climbing with cecil. Very patient and lovely with the children. White spider is a fab place and will definitely be coming back!


Cecil was helpful, friendly and above all a very good teacher. Impressed!


wayne was great. really patient with both kids, the other boy seemed to have some difficulties. He helped William learn more footwork, told him about what to do to get on with climbing (NCIS levels). Wayne got William to try more technical climbs and a fun boulder problem needing more momentum, which William thought was great. Would recommend and William is keen to go back.


My 11 year old and his friends had a fantastic time at his birthday party. The party room was great too. My son went to a party at White Spider and enjoyed it so much he signed up for the NICAS course, which he is really loving.


I have 1 hour session with my Partner and 2 more couples. It are first attempt at climbing, had so much fun. A great activity/sport to do with your partner, friends and family.
Wayne which was our Instructor was so polite and made us feel so confident. I will defiantly be going back. Recommend !!


My son's 9th birthday party at White Spider was a great success! It was a wonderful experience for everyone and the children loved it! It was also great to watch the children gain confidence with every climb. They all managed to climb to the very top - it was incredible to watch and they all were really proud of their achievment. Our instructors were excellent and the games towards the end of the session provided the extra fun factor! I would definitely recommend the White Spider not only for a party, but also for a family day out or a father/son experience.


Must share this: we've just finished one of my sons HB party in the White Spider Climbing club and it was definitely brilliant place to go. After approximately a hour of top-rope climbing and bouldering, we paid 3pp for the climbing castle and boys spent more than hour running, climbing and hiding/seeking in it. Next to the castle is a cafe where we had a birthday cake execution, my naughty sons were completely worn out, tired and happy after all. So, highly recommended!

Sheridan Marshall

My son had his 8th birthday party at White Spider and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for the excellent instruction and climbing fun and games.

Rachel Robinson

My son and all his friends had a great time. The organisation was great, the staff on the front desk were very flexible but the best bit were the instructors. They created a great time for children of mixed climbing experience and gave the kids lots of confidence. Everyone including the adults had a great time. Thank you.


Had my sons 7th birthday party with 11 friends none of them had been climbing before. Everyone had a great time. In the playgrounds all the parents were saying how much all their children enjoyed it. Good instruction and session was a perfect length. The party room has was good - timing was tight - but acoustics and lighting were much better than most venues.
We'll be back 🙂


Joe introduced me and my two daughters to climbing.
My 9 year old is fearless, my 8 year old was a tiny bit
Joe had all of us achieving and feeling confident!
Thanks again Joe. Great staff, see you soon

tony neal

First time for my two grand children aged 6 and 9
We had an instructor for the two of them. Brilliant hour that they enjoyed with the instructor. We will be back again is the best recommendation and thanks I can give.


My 8 year old son had climb twice before elsewhere, so not at White Spider – which has a lot more climbing walls. He loved it, so much so that's he's now starting a term time course to get his first NICAS, and whilst we wait my 4 year old can enjoy himself on the 'kids castle' as he did before...a great venue.

Iveta Camilleri

My 5 year old daughter attended an one hour session. We really liked the 1:4 ratio. Simon was great and the kids had fun. They particulary liled the games :)Great cafe area and the kids had great fun after their lesson in the play area.

Rob Hearne

Good 1 hour session with my daughter as a birthday present. Ed was our (patient) instructor - sorry about all the photos we were taking!

First attempt at climbing - more fun than I thought. I can see how it could be addictive.

We need to come back for the next stage of training. Looking for some dates when we are both available.


Shea family

Fantastic organisation on behalf of White Spider. Uncomplicated, simple, creative and unique experience for children and a great way to celebrate a birthday.Children get to learn and have fun but also support each other. There is a room to hire afterwards for food and drinks and blow those candles. Inspired choice indeed!


My 5 year old daughter was booked into a one hour holiday club session. I really liked the 1:4 ratio. Ed was very supportive when my daughter felt a little wobbly at the top. Great cafe area and the kids had great fun after their lesson in the play area. will definitely be returning.


We had some friends over who regularly climb with their school and they were keen to see what the masterclass would be like. They were very impressed with the teacher who gave them individual climbing tips to further improve their ability. The only downside they said was that 90 minutes was not long enough.

Diane Culpin

Great session with lots of climbing for my two children. Very clear safety instructions given and Jo had a supportive and encouraging manner which encouraged all to achieve their best. The kids loved it and are always keen to come.


Janine Sawyer

Great teaching - differentiated, supportive and challenging. Our boys learnt important life lessons in this session. Thank you


Thanks to David for a great two day, beginners course.

I enjoyed it increasingly as I became more used to the higher climbs. Obviously helped to be tethered as you went higher. 😉


My 7 year old son had a great time and lost a lot of his fear in his first session. At the end he said, he would like to come climbing again, and has not stopped asking since. Simon thanks for your help.

Justin Edmund-White

My son and his friend joined a small group session as part of his birthday. Both lads had a really great time, well worth it


My son has climbed a number of times with you and every time has enjoyed it, coming away asking to do it again. The staff are all very friendly.

Mary Summersgill

My 10 year old daughter and her friend really enjoyed their day at your summer camp. They made new friends and will definitely be back again . Thank you.

James Cash

Very pleased with first session at White Spider. Wifey and I are firmly en route to being hooked thanks to the great instruction from Ed. Looking forward to part 2 next week.


Really enjoyed what we did in Masterclass .. Bea is really cool and very encouraging. Hope she's my instructor in the new term! O


My son loved his first session so much I've booked him in for more.


We had a great time thanks so much!

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