We are currently not offering kids birthday parties at White Spider

We hope to be able to run them again soon.

What We Offer

All our climbing parties experience an hour or an hour and a half of climbing fun, enjoying a mixture of top roping and bouldering. (Check out our Climbing Glossary for help with climbing jargon). Each party starts with a short safety briefing and putting on climbing harnesses and helmets – it’s important all the children understand that they need to do what their instructor tells them. Then they’ll head onto our big walls to climb and finish up with some bouldering and games.

Ages 5-6 : 1 hour Party, Ratio 1:4 – call to book
1 Instructor and 4 Participants – £170
2 Instructors and 5-8 Participants – £280
3 Instructors and 9-12 Participants – £400
4 Instructors and 13-16 Participants – £520

Ages 7+ : 1.5 hour Party, Ratio 1:6
1 Instructor and 6 Participants – £170 – book online
2 Instructors and 7-12 Participants – £280 – book online
3 Instructors and 13-18 Participants – £400 – book online
4 Instructors and 19-24 Participants – £520 – call to book
All prices are inclusive of instruction and safety equipment

Top roping – climbing our 10m high walls while tied into a harness. While one child is climbing, the others will help with the safety rope as they climb, under full instructor supervision. This means that the majority of children will be actively engaged throughout the session.

Bouldering – is a little different, with no ropes or harnesses required as children climb at a low level over a matted area. This is a fun way to finish up the party with lots of fun and games!

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations