Since 2013, White Spider Climbing has been coaching youth talent, providing the very best instruction and opportunities for growth in the competitive sport.

White Spider, with the acclaimed skills of Head Coach Guy Davenport, are dedicated to the development of our Competition Squad. Faced with the restrictions of a global pandemic, we are especially proud of our squad members for their continuing strength and dedication.

White Spider Competition Squad member climbing

Representing White, Red and Green Spider, the White Spider Competition Squad currently has six children involved in the GB regional development programme and was the most successful squad in the country during the 2019-20 YCS (Youth Climbing Series).

Guy Davenport, Head Coach

Guy Davenport Head Coach for White Spider Competition Squad


White Spider Competition Squad Head Coach, Guy Davenport, has over 15 years experience as a development and performance coach. As a Graduate of Neil Gresham’s Masterclass Coaching Academy, his expertise, extensive experience and commitment offer outstanding opportunity and support to the Squad and to individual development.

During my time as a development and performance coach, I have worked alongside some of the best climbers and coaches in the world including Alex Puccio, Melissa Le Nevé and Neil Gresham.

I have helped numerous children to achieve GB selection and produced many national champions and a World Champion: I have coached hundreds of children in my time as a coach, but the most satisfying aspect is always to see children develop physically, mentally and socially to become well rounded adults with a deep love of the sport. 

I love my position as Head Performance Coach at White Spider. I get to work with a fantastic group of kids at one of the best climbing centres in the country. The training facilities, coupled with the support and ethos of White Spider and its commitment to the squad has enabled us to have one of the strongest squads in the country; full of exciting talent across all ages.

Guy Davenport, White Spider Climbing Squad Head Coach, MCA Graduate

​”Guy Davenport is one of those rare coaches who truly understands how to unlock the potential of each individual. He leads by example and inspires his athletes, not just to achieve their own personal goals but to work in a team. Guy has a deep understanding of the nuances of climbing, which has been gained through years of experience on the coalface of coaching. His squad athletes have achieved countless exemplary competition results, yet the main evidence of his ability is the long-term participation of his pupils. I only wish he worked in the North of England as he would be my first choice to coach my own kids!

Neil Gresham

Our Coaches

Guy is supported by an experienced team of much loved White Spider Competition Squad coaches, who, through their shared enthusiasm and dedication, help to deliver training programs with the utmost attention to individual development.

The coaching team are highly valued for their motivation and morale, and help to create the team spirit and family environment of the Squad.

Part of the Team

White Spider Competition Squad member Monty James on Podium

Monty James, BMC Junior Youth Open

Monty joined the White Spider Competition Squad 2 years ago following the recommendation of his White Spider NICAS coach. Initially, he started at just one session a week, but soon joined for both training sessions because he enjoyed them so much. As a family we are new to climbing and weren’t sure what to expect. The coaches, squad kids and their parents made us all feel welcome. Monty thrives in the supportive environment. The coaches are highly professional and massively motivated and clearly know how to individually tailor their coaching to get the best out of each child. Monty comes home buzzing after each session and it was a challenge to get him to leave at all.

The coaching has clearly been effective as Monty has enjoyed successful at local and national level.

In Monty’s words, the coaches and the squad are AWESOME!

Simon – Dad

White Spider Competition Squad member Jessica on Podium

Jessica Sakura Ward, at 10 years old, Jessica has onsighted 7a+ and climbed V7 outside

I think that the role of the junior sport parent is to provide high quality training environments, coaches, and plenty of training time to their child. So despite the fact that we need to drive 1 hour and 10 minutes to White Spider, joining the White spider squad was one of the best decisions Jessica and I made.

The squad training is always friendly but intense. Jessica’s lead climbing skills have been hugely improved because of the training opportunities on offer through the variety of routes in the centre. She used to suffer fear of falling, but because of repetitive practice and high level of coaching, she has overcome her fear. In fact, she enjoys falling now.

There are many enthusiastic young climbers who inspire and influence Jessica in the squad. For instance, Lucy Garlick, who is a member of GB development squad, is her ultimate role model as a mentally and physically strong climber.

The head squad coach, Guy davenport, is the main reason to join the squad. He was one of the coaches in her previous squad, and Jessica followed him without hesitation. He understands Jessica’s strength and weakness inside out. As Jessica calls him “her dad in climbing”, he never stops motivating her and expands her potential to reach another level.

In short, White Spider is the only squad she picks, and she is so fortunate to have found her team like a family.

Urara – Mum


Lucy Garlick and Monty James with medals and White Spider Climber Squad Head Coach Guy Davenport

Lucy Garlick, GB Team Member

Lucy was invited to join the squad 7 years ago, when she first received her White Spider Competition Squad hoodie it was one of the happiest moments of her life. Being part of a successful team has been key to Lucy’s climbing journey so far. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of high performance coaches and train with children of all ages – some of those have become very close friends. Walking into a competition with the White Spider coaches, your teammates – all in their kit gives them the confidence they need to perform well. There is no greater sight than seeing a sea of red hoodies all warming up together and then cheering each other on.

From a parents point of view – it’s reassuring to know that when I drop Lucy off for her sessions her coaches have a structured lesson plan that is tailored towards the competitions that are coming up in the future. Every aspect of her training is catered for and any weaknesses are highlighted and worked on – whether it’s physical or mental.

In Lucy’s words “I wouldn’t be the climber that I am, or achieved what I’ve achieved, without being in the White Spider Squad

Natalie – Mum

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