Keeping up with Covid – Keeping on Climbing

Spider Climbing has been closely following developments, updates, government advice and regulations since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak in Britain: reviewing our operations and policies at every step. With autumn drawing in and incidents rising across the country, we need to make sure that we are doing whatever we can to protect our climbers and our staff, and to keep everyone climbing!

✅ Wash your hands 

✅ Wear a face covering 

✅ Make space

Hands. Face. Space. These are the three most effective ways to control the spread of Covid-19.

This is why from this Friday, 18th September, we are asking everyone visiting White Spider to wear a face mask on arrival and at any time within non-climbing areas. This means that you will not need to wear a mask when eating/drinking or while climbing, belaying, using the training area or moving between lines/problems (on the black climbing floor/boulder matting). This does mean that in any other area or at any other time at White Spider we’ll need to be protecting those around us, and protecting climbing, and making sure that we’re wearing a face covering.

Keeping Covid-secure at White Spider

Alongside wearing a face covering, staying safe at White Spider means keeping to Covid-secure measures:

Hand Hygiene

Regular handwashing and sanitisation is essential to safe use of White Spider. 

Please sanitise your hands:

  • on arrival at the centre,
  • regularly during your session – when changing activity or before and after eating/drinking
  • when leaving the centre

Keeping Distance

We all find it difficult to remember to distance ourselves from friends and family and we know it’s difficult to distance within our spider community too. At all times during a visit please keep a safe distance from other climbers and staff who are not in your household.


Should you have to queue for entry to the centre or for any of our facilities like our café, please make sure that you maintain distance, following our floor spacing markers where available.

The rule of 6’s

As with the government’s rules for socialising at home and in public areas, do not arrange to climb or socialise in groups larger than 6. Remember to always keep social distancing between members from different households.

Spider Climbing Youth Groups

All of our climbing groups are carefully operated within specific guidance and regulations for running these activities.

Area Capacities 

To make sure you can distance effectively, certain areas of the climbing wall are operating with a maximum capacity.

Do not enter an area if it is already at capacity:

  • Upper Mez. Bouldering: Maximum 15 people at any one time
  • Training Area: Maximum 4 people at any one time

Climbing Centre Capacity

White Spider is currently operating within a carefully calculated maximum capacity. At times when we near this capacity, the fast-track entry system for prepaid members will be closed, and check-ins managed through a queue and against check-outs. 


If you have symptoms, stay safe and wait until next time to visit. 

Go to for guidance.

Keeping on climbing

Climbing centres are nothing without our climbers: and this means that every climber, in every wall (staff included!), plays their part in protecting other climbers and in protecting indoor climbing. We: are spider climbers. We: are all climbers. let’s do this together and make sure that we’re doing what’s needed to keep us all climbing. Remember ‘Hands. Face. Space.’ at any facility or climbing centre that you might visit.



Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations