Following government confirmation that the planned easing is pressing ahead from Monday 19th July, how you visit White Spider will be changing too! 

While this will bring many welcome relaxations that we can’t wait to enjoy, this Phase 4 of the government’s easing roadmap does not mean there is no more risk from Covid. White Spider has many visitors who have not yet been vaccinated with one or both jabs, and especially with many younger members in our staff and instructing teams, this includes the White Spider Crew.  

Spider Climbing has therefore taken the decision not to remove all of our risk management strategies in a single sweep. Instead, we will commence with the easing outlined below from Monday 19th July, and from there, after monitoring the effects on staff, customers, and White Spider, we will move towards a further relaxation as soon as it feels safe enough to do so. 

We will be keeping a close eye on the situation across the country and we will keep you Spiders updated as soon as we can. 


Key policies from Monday 19th July at White Spider 


Face Masks: 

Data suggests that wearing a face mask reduces the risk of transmission to others by 80%, and to yourself by 50%. Therefore, from Monday, it will remain a matter of Spider policy that all customers and staff occupying public areas and walkways will be required to wear face masks. Customers will not be required to wear masks while eating in the café, and it will be a matter of personal choice as to whether you would like to wear a mask while climbing, on the mats, in the rubber-floored climbing areas and during coached sessions. 

Centre Capacity: 

While the overall centre capacity will be increased by 10% from Monday, White Spider has elected to retain a relaxed maximum capacity for the safety and comfort of staff and customers. Individual area capacities will be removed.

You will still be able to check how busy we are before visiting.

Hygiene and Cleaning: 

White Spider will be retaining our hygiene and cleaning policies. Hand sanitiser stations will remain available across the centre, we will continue with our hourly cleans of high-contact areas, and everyone is encouraged to wash hands regularly while at White Spider.  


All Other Changes from Monday 19th July Until Further Notice: 

  • All lockers will be brought back into service, including the key exchange lockers
  • Changing rooms and showers will be fully open
  • All coaching will return and operate as it did before restrictions 
  • The room above the boulder cave (in current use for stretching) will revert to the kitting up room for climbing sessions
  • The Café will run as it did before restrictions; maintaining more spacing in the seating areas for the time being. 
  • We’ll be keeping screens up at reception, but there will be more tills available
  • There will be a short delay in bringing back the Kids Castle, but we will bring this back into service as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for announcements! 

What’s Staying the Same? 

  • Contactless will continue to be our preferred method of payment
  • The drinking fountain will continue to be for filling bottles only for the time being
  • We will continue with regular testing of our staff and instructors
  • We will continue to have separate entry and exit points

Back Climbing and Thank You 

You’ve all been incredible throughout this challenging time. Out of lockdowns, we’ve each played a part in keeping the centre open and helping to keep each other safe. 

It’s been a long journey, and for many, it will feel a strange and almost unfamiliar return towards climbing as usual. Please remain considerate to your fellow Spiders and please, if you feel at all unwell, wait until another time to visit – we’ll see you soon! 

From the team, and most of all from Steve our Director, thank you to you all. 




Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations