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Your Visit

We want to make everyone’s return to climbing as safe as possible. We ask all our visitors to:

  • Wash or Sanitise their hands frequently
  • Where possible arrive for your session ready to climb
  • Adhere to social distancing measures, keeping at least 2 metres apart from other climbers and avoiding busy areas
  • Make sure to check-out when leaving

Whats On

We currently have a reduced number of sessions running and ask people to make sure their bookings adhere to government advice:

  • Maximum of one household per booking, excluding youth only sessions
  • Climbers only to attend the session, no spectators. Sessions with just children may have one adult chaperone who is not climbing
  • If you or any member of your booking party has coronavirus symptoms please stay home

Book a Session

You can just turn up and climb as before on our 15 minute ‘Clip and Go’ sessions. However there are some new rules:

  • Maximum of 1 adult chaperone allowed in with a booking
  • Maximum of 2 children (Under18’s) can attend with 1 adult
  • No spectators allowed apart from the chaperone
  • One session per day for each child
  • First come first serve basis with no advanced booking as before

A great way to introduce friends and family to climbing. Our fully qualified instructors will show you and up to five other people the ropes and get you scaling the heights in no time!

Split into two parts, Bouldering and Auto-Belay climbing. Our ‘Start Climbing’ session is a quick and fun way to get into climbing. Once completed you will have unsupervised access to our bouldering wall and Auto-Belays. No previous climbing experience is required but all participants must be 18 years or older.

Our Youth Access Test is for 14-17 year olds who have experienced bouldering, climbing or top roping and now feel ready to use White Spider without the supervision of an Adult or Instructor

Candidates should be confident that they have the skill set to pass the test. There are three tests available, depending on the type of climbing you would like to do.  Choose from Bouldering, Top Roping and Lead Climbing. 

If you need a refresher before taking the test we would recommend booking a private lesson with two people to brush up on your skills here .

Please see our ‘Back to Climbing‘ page for full details

A summary, If you are a:

  • Regular climber at your centre who doesn’t require supervision or an instructor; You will not need to pre-book for casual climbing at any of our centres.
  • Or, have a U.A.T* and used to climb with my friends who also have U.A.T’s; You will not need to pre-book to come climbing at any of our centres.
  • Or, climb under the supervision of an Adult friend who is a competent climber; You will not need to pre-book for casual climbing. Just sign in with your supervisor as normal

Are your sessions safe?

  • In addition to managing capacity, we have introduced a number of walk-ways to help the flow of individuals around the climbing wall along with separate entrance and exits.
  • As we did in the lead up to closing, we will be maintaining a rigorous cleaning schedule of all high contact surfaces; with a staff member on permanent rotation going around and cleaning. We have also added additional hand washing and sanitisation stations.
  • We have put screens up and moved our Auto-Belays to allow for 2 metres social distancing.
  • Due to the nature of the climbing wall, we are unable to wash each hold after its use, so we ask that you wash your hands before and after your climb.
  • Our instructors are kept fully up to date on the latest UK Government advice and wear PPE to deliver sessions

More Questions?

  • If you’ve still got questions please email us on We are still running with a reduced team so will respond as soon as we can
  • Our phone lines are currently closed until we re-open on the 25th of July

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations