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White Spider is pleased to be running our full programme of coaching and instructed sessions!

Please see below for what’s on offer, and if you need any help, please contact our team who can help find the right session for you.

climb@whitespiderclimbing.com // 0208 397 0390

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Join us for a fun-filled session of Birthday Party climbing! 

What We Offer 

All of our climbing parties experience an hour (ages 5-6) or an hour and a half (ages 7+) of climbing fun; enjoying a mixture of top roping and bouldering. Each party starts with a short safety briefing and putting on climbing harnesses and helmets – it’s important all the children understand that they need to do what their instructor tells them. Then they’ll head onto our big walls to climb before finishing-up with some bouldering and games. 

Exclusive to Birthday Parties: 

Reserve an area in the café: When booking a birthday party with us, you have the option to reserve a table in our café after the climbing to have cake or lunch! This is self-catered; we do not provide food or utensils. (Customers are welcome to purchase food and drink in our café, but we cannot guarantee stock). 

Private Instructed Sessions

Book an exclusive instructed session for you and up to 5 others as the perfect way to try climbing, get a bit of a refresher, or just to share a fun experience with friends or family.

Private Coaching

Do you want an individual climbing experience in a one-to-one session? Or do you need some extra coaching to improve your technique to become a better climber? Book a private session now to get an hour with one of our great instructors.  

Booking Details:

  • Each session can have up to 6 participants 
  • Book a block of 10 and get 10% off! (Please note block bookings can only be taken via e-mail or in person) 

Got any questions? Our team are happy to help! 

climb@whitespiderclimbing.com // 0208 397 0390

These sessions are great for those who haven’t climbed before, those who need a bit of a reminder, or those who just want a fun session to have a taste of what it’s like to climb. Our fully qualified instructors will show you and up to five other people the ropes and get you scaling heights in no time!

Booking Details:

  • Each booking must have at least 1 participating adult 
  • All participants must be aged 5 or over 
  • Please note that this is an open session of 6: Additional spaces are bookable by, to attend with, other members of the public. Please see our Private Sessions if you would prefer this option.

Got any questions? Our team are happy to help! 

climb@whitespiderclimbing.com // 0208 397 0390

Our termly clubs are a very popular way to get your kids climbing regularly! With two types of clubs to choose from, we have something for every child aged 5 and up. 

  • NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) courses begin at age 7, and participants will work their way through five levels of the scheme, learning how to eventually be an independent and competent climber 
  • Fun Clubs are for kids aged 5+ and are great for confidence building and having a good fun climbing session each week.  

Our terms usually run from January-March, April-July and September-December. To sign up to our mailing list for priority booking opportunities for future terms, contact:

climb@whitespiderclimbing.com // 0208 397 0390

We have a great selection of Casual and Holiday Clubs for your kids to enjoy. All of these sessions require no previous climbing experience, so are a great way to experience climbing for the first time. Many people return to these climbing sessions time and time again at the weekends or in school holidays! 

  • Creepy Crawlies: For those aged 5-6 years, this one-hour session is a great way to introduce kids at a young age to climbing. These are small sessions with only 4 participants per instructor. 
  • Arachnids: For kids aged 7-12 years, this session will have up to 6 participants per instructor and is an hour and a half long. These sessions focus on trying a little bit of everything and most importantly, having fun! 
  • Black Widows: For teenagers aged 13-17, this session focuses on having a fun session and giving climbing a go. In an hour and a half, participants will try roped climbing, bouldering and may even have a go on the auto-belays or slackline. 

Interested in becoming an independent and competent climber?

Take our ‘Start Climbing’ Bouldering & Auto-Belay Inductions or book on to our ‘Learn to Climb’ Course.


Bouldering & Auto-Belay Inductions

Bouldering Inductions:

Our ‘Start Climbing’ Bouldering Inductions are a quick and fun way to get into climbing. These sessions show you how to use our bouldering facilities safely, and once completed, you will have unsupervised access to our bouldering wall*. No previous experience is required but all participants must be 14 years or older.

*(14-17 year olds must gain experience and undertake a ‘Youth Access Test’ before using White Spider without the supervision of an adult or instructor) 

Auto-Belay Inductions

Our Auto-Belay Inductions are the easiest way to start climbing on our 10m walls without an instructor or climbing partner. These sessions show you how to use our auto-belays safely, and once completed, you will be able to use any of our auto-belays unsupervised*. No previous experience is required but all participants must be over 18.

Our Bouldering and Auto-Belay Inductions run back-to-back and are bookable together. We recommend that you combine them if you are looking to get wider benefit and use of our centre! (18+)

Learn to Climb Course

A comprehensive course teaching the essential skills needed to learn to roped climb.

Learn to Lead Climb Course

Take your climbing to the next level and learn the skills needed to lead climb!

Suitable for climbers already competent at top-rope climbing.

Open Learn to Lead Course

(If you don’t have a climbing partner to learn to lead climb with, our open courses are for you! These are bookable by other climbers wanting to learn to lead climb too.)

Private Learn to Lead Course

(If you and your climbing partner would like to learn to lead climb together, our private courses are just for you!)

The perfect way to meet other rope climbers or build confidence with supervision -our weekly social sessions are back!

Join The Social every Monday 6-8pm – Just £2 on top of your usual entry.

Our Youth Access Test is for 14-17 year olds who have experienced bouldering, climbing or top roping and now feel ready to use White Spider without the supervision of an Adult or Instructor

Candidates should be confident that they have the skill set to pass the test. There are three tests available, depending on the type of climbing you would like to do.  Choose from Bouldering, Top Roping and Lead Climbing. 

If you need a refresher before taking the test we would recommend booking a private lesson with two people to brush up on your skills here .

You do not need to pre-book if you: 

  • Are a regular climber at one of our Spider centres who doesn’t require supervision or an instructor; You will not need to pre-book for casual climbing at any of our centres. 
  • Have a U.A.T* and used to climb with friends who also have U.A.T’s; You will not need to pre-book to come climbing at any of our centres. 
  • Climb under the supervision of an Adult friend who is a competent climber; You will not need to pre-book for casual climbing. Just sign in with your supervisor as normal. 

*Youth Unsupervised Access Test – more info.

More Questions?

If you’ve still got questions or we can help with anything else please get in touch with our team:

climb@whitespiderclimbing.com // 0208 397 0390

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Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations