Autumn Boulder League

What a great season and having last round of our Boulder League in UV edition, was absolutely nuts! Event was a total Blast! What is a UV party without face paint / body paint?! Thanks to Chloe’s artistic skills, everyone had a chance to awaken their spirit animal, with creative face paint / body paint. Half way thru we had a Freeze Flash-mob, where our competitors had to stay still for 1 minute to video capture freeze effect. Video later on! To remedy the hunger and continue the party, we had pizza and drinks! After refreshments we had prepared PadStack challenge! Whats that? Check out how our Boss takes on the challenge!

Winner of the PadStack challenge was Gemma Stocks with 10 floors of Pads! Well done!

Thank you for coming and taking part of our Boulder comp! Hope to see you back on the Spring Boulder league! Here are the results and heroes of the night!


Heroe of the Night #1 Lucy Garlick

Heroe of the Night #1 Alex Dexter

Leagues overall scores are updated on scoreboard by entrance!

Next up: Final stage of Winter Boulder League at Red Spider Climbing

Bouldering competition for all ages and abilities!
– 3 hour time limit and 40 unique boulders
– £50 for the winners of the night
– Raffle prizes to those who hand in their score card and stay for
the announcement of the winners! Prizes by Mitch’s Kitchen
– Pair of Evolv shoes for Overall league winners! Prizes by Beyond Hope Climbing


Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations