The Summer Series – A White Spider Bouldering League!

Winter has finally passed and we’re heading full speed into the summer climbing season! We’re…

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White Spider Climbing Squad: GB Team Announcement!

The White Spider Climbing Squad is made up of 18 super talented climbers, aged from…

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INTRODUCING: The Winter Bouldering League!

That’s right folks, we’re jumping right into the new year in competitive spirit. Due to last years…

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White Spider 10th Birthday Party

Join us for White Spider’s 10th Birthday Party on Saturday 3rd September! 🎉

White Spider is one of the UK’s largest climbing centres:

It’s really spacious, bright, comfy with lots of climbing and bouldering:

Climbing: Over 360 routes on 104 lines, up to 20 metres on our stalactite roof, grades from 3 to 8b.

Bouldering: Over 200 boulder problems, including a massive comp wall, big cave and dedicated training area.

Regular route setting from some of the biggest names in the industry including Yann Genoux, Evie Cotrulia, Gaz Parry and Nathan Phillips

Great facilities, cafe, kids castle and slackline.

Our ethos…

We are passionate about climbing and passionate about our climbers.  That means we aim to give you inspiring climbing, aided by friendly, knowledgeable staff in a great atmosphere and with some excellent coffee…!

Climbing really is all about the setting. It’s about delivering awesome and varied routes with a mix of styles. That’s why our setting is done by some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s done regularly – the average age of our routes is 15 weeks, the average age of our boudering is less than 5 weeks. And we use your feedback to tweak the grades – with our “yellow card” new routes and books. So come and check out why we get such positive setting feedback…

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations