Sam Whittaker: Route Setter Interview!

sam Whittaker

White Spider prides itself on getting in world class guest route setters on a regular basis. This interview with Sam Whittaker marks the first in a series of articles that we hope will help inspire you in your climbing, and help you get to know the people behind the routes & problems here at White Spider! We hope you enjoy them… 


Name: Sam Whittaker 


Age: 36


Favourite Climbing Music: Techno , Adam Beyer or Richie Hawtin.


Favourite Crag Food?: Protein bar and box of salad.


How did you first get into climbing?: Going out to crag with my dad and his mates.

How long have you been climbing?: 22 years


What is your proudest achievement in climbing?: Appointment with Death E9 (Wimberry Rocks) or climbing 8c!


What's your favorite problem/route you've ever done? Bat Route (8c, Malham) was my favourite because of the process of getting fit enough and experienced enough to climb it. 

Where is your favourite crag?:  Malham


If you could give someone one piece of advice for their climbing, what would it be?: Try hard and enjoy all aspects of climbing.


Who or what inspires you, and where do you get your motivation from?: I just love climbing and I stay super keen by mixing it up a lot, by switching my focus from bouldering to sport climbing and then Trad


If you hadn't got into climbing, what do you think you'd be doing instead?: Techno DJ?!

How long have you been route setting?: 15 years 


What do you love most about setting?:  Creating good problems that people enjoy climbing on 


What's coming up next for you?: I'm looking forward to a winter's training and bouldering on the grit, followed by a trip to the States in the spring. I've also got a few DJ gigs coming up in November and December including the climbing works 7th birthday party. It's going to be a big night.


Sam Whittaker






Thanks Sam! You can check out the new problems in our BOULDER CAVE that Sam set with Yann Genoux, NOW!   



Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations