Introducing the Red Spider ‘Lockdown’ League!

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In a world without social events, here’s the chance to compete, and socialise, from a distance!

While we’re unable to run our monthly boulder comps, The ‘Lockdown’ League at Red Spider is a new monthly score-tracking bouldering league running over the next three months. With a self-score red-point format, the ‘Lockdown’ League is a friendly competition open to all climbers. Each month there’s great raffle and social share prizes up for grabs, and over the three rounds, there’s top overall prizes for the high-scoring male and female!

The new 2020 bouldering league gives you a month for each Round and the space to tick as many problems as you can. Round 1 launches with scorecards available this Thursday evening (15/10/2020) with a massive Comp Wall reset from Yann Genoux, Emma Twyford, Matt VC & Spider’s own Evie Cotrulia – But! You’ve got four weeks to get the tops so we’re encouraging spiders to spread out their visits – please send responsibly 💪💪💪

How it works:

There will be 3 Rounds over 3 months to get as many tops and as many points as you can! Each round there will be 40 competition blocs and 4 weeks to try them.

  1. Grab your scorecards from reception (there is no charge to compete!)
  2. Round 1: Over the next month, try out the 40 competition bouldering problems and track your score using the scorecard (please note, to keep Covid-secure we will be unable to hand out pens. Please B.Y.O.P (bring your own pen 😜), or please track your scores on your phone and make sure you fill in the scorecard later!)
  3. Hand in your scorecard before the Round 1 deadline: before 22:00 on 17th November
  4. Raffle Winners will be contacted to arrange prize giving and announced on our social media after the 17th November
  5. Round 2 will run from the evening of the 19th November – 22:00 on 15th December
  6. Round 3’s dates are from 17th December – 22:00 on 19th January


= Overall prizes (3 rounds) =

For the accumulative high-score prizes over all 3 rounds, there’s Tenaya climbing shoes up for grabs for top-scoring male and female!

= Monthly prizes =

From Beta Climbing we’ve got a host of climbing treats up for grabs every Round!

  1. Each month we’ll be handing out x 2 raffle prizes – hand your scorecards in for your chance to win!
  2. So that we can do this a little bit together but apart… We’ll also be handing out x 2 social share prizes every round! – Share your sends on Instagram by posting a video of one of the problems you’ve ticked on your scoresheet tagging @redspiderclimbing #WeAreSpiderClimbers for your chance to win!

A massive thank-you to Tenaya and Beta Climbing for sponsoring the prizes!

Red Spider The Lockdown League Prize Sponsor Tenaya Logo         Red Spider The Lockdown League Prize Sponsor Beta Climbing Logo

Good luck spiders and get scoring!

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