Red Spider 6th Birthday | Summary and Scores

What a weekend! Our 6th Birthday Party was an absolute BLAST! We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came down and made the day so special, and participated in all of the competitions and activities we put together.  

We’d like to say an extra special thank you to all of the staff and setters who made the party possible with all of their hard work, as well as Sweetcakes for the best birthday cake we could’ve asked for, Tracy Stoner (@T_J_S_Crafting) for the medals and Steven Carter (@woodenwaveart) for the trophies, which were made with wood found on our local beaches. Also deserving a special mention are Roots Vegan Street Food who kept us energised with their yummy meals, and our sponsors : Entre-prises, Cotswold Outdoor, Snow and Rock, La Sportiva, Beyond Hope, Beta Climbing, 5:10 and Happy Hot Tubs. 

Photos should be up in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

We know you’re dying to see the full scores from the day, so here they are: 

Firstly, our smaller competitions. There was some amazing skill on show here, from speed to strength to endurance to balance, our Spiders put on an epic show!  

With an impressive 16.59 seconds, the winner of the Great Escape was Gabrielius Pacenga! Congratulations! 

The Table Traverse was a tough one, but the winner Jesus Vaquerizo made it around the table 11 times in 60 seconds – a very impressive feat! 

Now, the Pad Stacking competition was fierce! We had some incredible displays of balance and technique, and it was a close call. In the end, Gemma Flear took 1st place, but deserving a special mention are Zac Leveridge and Lilly Thompson who were extremely close behind!  

Finally, the greatest spectator sport of them all – the Dyno Comp! Gathering the biggest crowd of the day, the competition was immense and the crowd were loving it! Congratulations to Jules Astier for winning!  

Boulder Comp Scores:

Veterans 40+ Male: 

Name Total Points 
Marcus Dymond 207 
Jaro Varga 201 
David Potter 167 
Colin Brown 120 
Matt Drain 120 
James Pearson 100 
Jaames Brindley 100 
Allan Hurworth 97 
Nick Hemmings 70 

Veterans 40+ Female: 

Name Total Points 
Natalie Garlick 117 
Gemm Flear 114 
Tracey Soderberg 97 
Jana Varga 90 
Anita Moody 44 

Fun Male: 

Name Total Points 
Sam Weatherstone 219 
Ethan Egan 198 
Matt Davies 197 
David Staples 184 
Jamie Lancaster 182 
Callum Swann 177 
Rich Gravitis 177 
Caden Short 164 
Harry Copperthwaite 158 
George Belcher 147 
James Barron 131 
Rob Cunningham 130 
Dominic Matthews 129 
Louis Freeman 126 
Tom Milverton 115 
Pete Malam 107 
Dan Moeley 104 
John Reedman 104 
Max Macleod 102 
Alistair Castle 100 
Harry Sambrook 100 
Zac Leveridge 97 
Jack Flear 87 
Joe Etele 80 
Cameron Adshead 70 
Samuel Aries 64 
Kian Arjomand 47 

Fun Female:  

Name Total Points 
Stephanie Wilson 167 
Jessica Ward 165 
Lily Thompson 161 
Shannon Woods 143 
Katherine Moore 131 
Billie Spawton 110 
Helen Price 110 
Katie Powell 103 
Kit Le Bret 100 
Emma Letchford 98 
Meg Sambrook 90 
Stacey Liggett 70 
Sorcha Lynch 41 
Jasmine Van Der Rest 40 

Elite Male: 

Name Total Points 
Shane Willis 192 
Jules Astier 177 
Josh Bruyns 161 
Bertie Nicholson 147 
Otto Nichol Gould 137 
Francesco Panero 135 
Wilf Nicholson 104 
Jesus Vaquerizo 95 
Will East 91 
Grant Rehr 89 
Tom Wilkinson 84 
Aaron Silk 84 
Rozi Richardson 82 
Oliver Chamberlain 74 
Kaleb Thompson 67 
Joe Burton 67 
Callum Buckley 44 

Elite Female:  

Name Total Points 
Lucy Garlick 165 
Izzy Edgington 140 
Eve Cuthbertson 118 

Junior 14-17 Male: 

Name Total Points 
Ethan Egan 194 
Sam Jolliffe 180 
Alfie Burgess 141 
Jack Firth 120 
Harry Pearce 84 

Junior 14-17 Female: 

Name Total Points 
Catrin Gibbard 155 
Tchiana Trace 119 
Anna Palmer 105 
Rachael Tritta 70 

Junior 10-13 Male: 

Name Total Points 
Seb Edgington 181 
Noah Curtis 114 
Benjamin Pearson 110 
Fin Wood 101 
Sam King 100 
Ben Longman 100 
Adam Clarke 97 
Ewan Ross 94 
Seth Johnson 84 
Freddie Etele 80 
Liam Jennings 70 
Arthur Lamont 67 
Bobby Realff 60 
Aaron Croucher 55 
Max Newton 50 

Junior 10-13 Female: 

Name Total Points 
Jemima Hurworth 161 
Harriet Priestman 141 
Isobel Brown 70 
Demelza Trace 57 
Bethan Davies 50 
Jasmine Beaven 41 
Ellis Boswell 30 
Teigan Magee 30 
Pippa Hemmings 20 

Junior <9 Male: 

Name Total Points 
Oli Rae 150 
Gabrielius Pacenga 90 
Wilfred Potter 80 
Ozzy Leftley-Evans 70 
Rowan Dawson 65 
George Jackson 54 
Zebedee Trace 50 
Elijah Johnson 47 
Ralph Hemmings 20 

Junior <9 Female:  

Name Total Points 
Bella Rae 90 
Amelia O’Donoughue 86 
Isla Rose Castle 68 
Hatty Jackson 57 
Ruth Windhurst 54 
Eva Brindley 50 
Indie Russell 42 
Mia-May Day 30 
Layla Robinson 20 
Rosabelle Trace 10 

Want more competitions? Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on our Instagram soon:

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations