…And That’s A Wrap! The ‘Lockdown’ League Results!

This is it folks, the scorecards are in and counted and we can now announce the winners of The ‘Lockdown’ League! 

Thank you 

It took us somewhat longer than 3 months to get here, but thank you to everyone who took part and supported each other in competing. We thought it might be a slog, and it turned out to be very aptly named The ‘Lockdown’ League, so special thanks to everyone for persevering, keeping up the psyche and challenging your post-lockdown climbing! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, as a chance to make the most of our locked-down situation and to do something somewhat together! 

We’d also like to say a massive thank-you to all of the setters that helped to make the League possible: 

Ed Wong, Alex Prescott, Max Ayrton, Stew Terry, Emma Twyford, Matt VC, Yann Genoux and of course our Head Route Setter Evie Cotrulia!    


The ‘Lockdown’ League Overall and Monthly prizes were made possible by Tenaya and Beta Climbing Designs. Thank you all so much for supporting us, especially during this challenging time. 


The Winners! 

Huge congratulations to our overall winners! 

Well done to Izzy Edgington and Phil Belcher for winning The ‘Lockdown’ League in their categories! We’ll get in touch with you regarding your prizes!  

Raffle Winners: 

Congratulations to Evan Jolliffe and Alec Patterson! Grab your prizes on your next visit, they’ll be ready to pick up from next week. 

Social Share prizes: 

Well done and thanks to Jack Elshaw (@jack_elshaw) and Cat (@catclimbz), you are our Round 3 Social Share prize winners (your prizes are waiting for you on your next visit)! Head to our Instagram page to see their sends!


The final scores: 

The ‘Lockdown’ League Men’s Leader board: 

1Phil Belcher335325292952
2Sam Ferguson331318300949
3Rich Vangilldenburger336318275929
4Alfie English 315306286907
5Lewis May304309289902
6Jaro Varga296265269830
7Michael Cowan306250272828
8Harry Dacombe308270249827
9Connor Jones267276247790
10George Belcher241204211656
11Steven Carter205208198611
12James Booth0313283596
13Oliver Rae141168168477
14James Wilkinson0206208414
15Kaleb Thomson0209197406
16David Ramsay1671910358
18Josh Bruyns03220322
19Alex Patterson03180318
20Alex Dexter00310310
21Seb Goodall26800268
22Johnathan Swann26500265
23Lee Dean22800228
24Craig Whiting21800218
25Sam Jolliffe21800218
26Sebastian Edgington02160216
27Jon Robinson20800208
28Ethan Egan20000200
29Ben Cowans00200200
30Ben Wakeley00191191
31Mike Lyness19000190
32Sam Collins00187187
33Matt Drain18400184
34Tom Barton01740174
37Ethan Edwards01600160
37T Baran16000160
37Evan Jolliffe15900159
38Max Blood01510151
38Rob Parrin01470147
39Jacob Praine01400140
41Tom Goody01400140
42Cameron Dixon01240124
43Martin Schneeberger12000120
44Tom Rae11100111
45Luke Fuller11000110
47Harry Newton008787
48Dave A077077
51Max Newton004040
52Theo Walker003030

The ‘Lockdown’ League Women’s Leader board: 

1Izzy Edgington304293271868
2Catrin Gibbard241254221716
3Lily Thompson 251217211679
4Emily Goodwin 240203229672
5Natasha Lawrence194195184573
6Louise Askew2002040404
7Sylvie Ward 145111127383
8Lisa Rae141100120361
9Emma Brigg 1621790341
10Laura Munro28700287
11Kit Lebret0164114278
12Erin Berry 02650265
13Isabella Rae606667193
14Lucy Glennie01870187
15Andrea Mckee01810181
16Amelia Jones18000180
17Amelia Brady17900179
18Madeleine Edgington13900139
19Charlotte Budge13700137
20Paula Ashby13000130
21Megan Irving70560126
22Fiona Greenless11000110
23Isabella Newnes-Smith910091
24Claire Jolliffe870087
25Tracey Stoner800080
26Elsie Leftley-Evans007777
27Anita Moody700070
29Stacey Smith600060
30Alice Smith200020
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