INTRODUCING: The Red Spider Winter Bouldering League!

That’s right folks, we’re jumping right into the new year in competitive spirit. Due to last years ‘Lockdown’ League being a huge success, we’re doing it all over again…but new and improved! (I.e. no lockdowns, hopefully)! 

The Winter Bouldering League will have 3 rounds; two month-long rounds in the same format as our previous ‘Lockdown League’ and a final round with a twist – you’ll have exactly one evening to score as many points as you can!  

The competition is self-scored in a redpoint format: You score 10 points for a flash, 7 if it takes 2 attempts, 4 if it takes 3 attempts and 1 point if it takes you 4+ tries. In each round, there will be 35 problems to try on the Boulder Comp Wall – that’s a maximum of 350 points up for grabs for each round!  

This competition is open to all climbers, whether you’re a seasoned vet or brand new to the sport, there’ll be plenty for you to climb and top.  

The important bits: 

Round 1 

  • Month Long: Running from the 20th January to the 15th February 
  • Scorecards MUST be handed in by 22:00 on the 15th February – no exceptions! 

Round 2  

  • Month Long: Running from the 17th February to the 15th March 
  • Scorecards MUST be handed in by 22:00 on the 15th March – no exceptions! 

Round 3 – The Finale 

  • ONE NIGHT ONLY: From the moment the Comp Wall opens on the 17th March until scorecards are handed in at 21:00.  
  • Prize Giving will be held at 21:30 for all of the prizes drawn throughout the League. (See below for more details) 
  • Raffle draw! 

And yes, our sister wall White Spider is running the same exact League (if this looked at all familiar) so if you want the chance to win double the prizes – head over to White Spider and take part there too! They’re running slightly ahead of us – so act fast! More details about their Winter Bouldering League here!


Now for the exciting part! We have a ton of prizes available to win: 

The Male and Female winner from each round, as well as the overall winners of the League will win some fantastic prizes from our sponsors (to be announced).

We will also be drawing raffle prizes for each round of the League, all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is hand in a completed scorecard on time for each round!  


Results will be uploaded online for each round and winners announced as soon as we’ve counted up scores and drawn the raffle – we’ll be updating both our Facebook and Instagram as soon as this happens, so keep an eye out! 

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