Spider Boulder league

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Bouldering competition

Friendly bouldering competition for all abilities and sizes! Come and test your skill! Take part, hand in score card and stay for award ceremony, you get a chance to win a Raffle prize!
– 40 Unique Blocs
– MC
– Video coverage
– £400 Prize money
– Raffle prizes from Battle Snacks

3 Best rounds out of 4 will be counted for overall score!

How it works?

40 routes to climb in duration of 3h. Metal tags tell you the number of the route and where route starts (starting holds). To start correctly, put hands on starting holds, feet on same colour footholds or if non available, anywhere on the wall. Once off the floor, then you can make your first move to next available hold. Now when you get to top, to finnish route you have to put both hands on last hold and hold it in controlled manner. Hold for 2-3s! Just tapping or touching with one hand doesn’t count!

Now if you get to the top on your first attempt, you get 10p, second attempt 7p, third attempt 4p, four or more attempts 1p! In total you can get 400p! If you climb all 40 routes on first go! So the competition is about who can climb all routes with least attempts!

On the start of the competition you will recieve a score card! Fill in your name and circle your categorie. When you have attempted all routes and out of energy, count up your score and hand in your score card! Grab a drink and relax! Once we have all the score cards handed in, we set up for prize ceremony and announce heroes of the night! For all who stay for prize ceremony, enters raffle! After prize ceremony we give out couple mystery prizes! So stay till the end!

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations