Christmas Gifts for Climbers

Christmas is fast approaching, and maybe you’re wondering what special present to give to the climber in your life? Well, we’re here to help! There’s tons of gifts you can buy for climbers, and we’ve broken them down into some handy sections:

Climbing Essentials

Every seasoned climber is bound to have these already, but just in case they need a top up, or you’ve got an aspirational climber on your hands – we thought we’d include them anyway! You can buy all of this on your next visit to White Spider.

  • Chalk: No matter how much chalk a climber has, they’ll always want more! There’s tons of options, from chalk balls (handy for chalk bags) to loose chalk, chunky chalk and even liquid chalk.
  • Chalk Bag or Bucket: Every climber needs somewhere to put all this chalk they’ve acquired! A new chalk bucket or chalk bag is a great gift, and we stock all different types of designs from cute and fluffy to durable and practical – pop in to have a look and choose your favourite.
  • Climbing Shoes: Holes in toes or super stinky? It’s time for a new pair! We stock a huge range of shoes from a range of different brands, both for a beginner climber and seasoned vets.
  • Brush: Brushes come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Most climbers lose brushes regularly, so this is a great gift for both a newbie and an experienced climber.


Skin is a climber’s most valuable asset, and needs to be looked after! We stock a range of skincare products:

  • Finger Tape: Finger tape is probably one of the cheapest presents you can buy for a climber – it’s perfect for a stocking filler or Secret Santa!
  • Climb On / Climb Skin: Both of these are great options for climber specific skincare products aimed at moisturising and healing skin.


We’ve got some great coached sessions that will be perfect for a range of climbers:

  • Beginners: Beginners Courses are for those aged 14+, and teach a newbie all the skills to become an unsupervised climber indoors, both on ropes and bouldering. Alternatively, for a slower introduction into climbing, a Bouldering Induction might be the perfect place to start!
  • Experienced: Book a 1:1 session with an instructor! This is the perfect opportunity to get some help with climbing technique, or just to see what you can improve to take you to the next level!
  • Looking for the next challenge: Why not learn to lead climb? If you have been climbing for over a year, and can climb 6a comfortably, a Learn to Lead course might be right up your street.

Further Reading

Now, not all climbers are big on reading – but these are a great few options for a climber keen to climb outdoors for the first time, want to improve their technique or just want a good book about a climbing adventure!

  • Southern Sandstone Climbs Guidebook: This book is a great present for those looking to try some outdoor climbing close to home. With the closest climbing near here in the Tunbridge Wells / East Grinstead area, you don’t have to travel far to find some great outdoor climbing!
  • The Climbing Bible: This book is a great coffee table book, and has some great training tips and tricks, as well as touching on endurance, motivation, dealing with fall practice and more.
  • Rock Climbing Technique: Don’t be put off by the size of this book – it is small but mighty! It includes QR codes that link to YouTube Videos that explain and demonstrate various climbing techniques in detail – a great present for a newbie looking to improve!
  • Into Thin Air: An adventure on Mount Everest – the ultimate climb!

Still not sure what to get?

No worries – we’ve got you covered. White Spider Gift Cards are available to purchase both online and at the centre! Feel free to speak to a member of staff if you need help choosing, we’re always happy to help!


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