Temporary Closure November Lockdown

We heard today from the UK Gov. that all non-essential businesses should close from Thursday 5th November. As a Gym and leisure facility this means we too will be closing our doors, hopefully re-opening on the 2nd of December. Thank you to everyone who has visited us since we opened in July and rest assured we will be here on the other side to welcome you again.

This applies to White, Red and Green Spider Climbing Walls. We wish all our customers the best through the next stage of the pandemic and look forward to seeing you all again in December,

Stay Safe Spiders

Existing Bookings & Termly Clubs

As per the lock down over the Spring/Summer, we will be honouring all bookings made once we are open again. Thank you to everyone for allowing us to keep hold of your booking so we can welcome you again in December.

Termly clubs as before will be carried forward to the remainder of the school term and then onwards into the January term.

Memberships – Pre-paid & Direct Debit

All direct debit memberships will be frozen from this Thursday 5th of November. There is no need to cancel your mandate with your bank or email to cancel.

Any pre-paid memberships will automatically have outstanding days carried forwards.

We appreciate all of those of you who kept your memberships running over the last lockdown. If you would like to continue to pay your membership while we are closed, you can do so by emailing supporter@spiderclimbing.com.

As usual the best way to keep up to date is to check our website and follow our social media channels:

White Spider Climbing

Green Spider Climbing

Red Spider Climbing

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations