October Half Term – What’s On?

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve written one of these! It’s been a busy few months with the addition of Blue and Yellow Spider, but we’re back, and with news! Check out the latest below, with a bunch of info about the upcoming half term and how you can get involved…

Are you excited? We’re excited!

We’ve got new mats for our bouldering area!

For our veteran customers, you know that our old mats served us very well for more than five years, but – as you may have noticed – they were due their well-earned retirement.

Their replacements are brighter, more beautiful, but by no means bouncier, so please take care to climb down to an even safer height than you might’ve previously, before dropping off the wall.

Learn to Climb

For those of you who haven’t joined the Green Spider climbing wall family yet, where have you been?!

Climbing is a fun, full-body workout, for any age, and by climbing at Green Spider, you’ll get a great social experience (we’ve been told we’ve got the best atmosphere of any gym – *smug face*), constantly updated routes by professional and passionate route-setters, and access to the best brownies in the three counties!

As long as you are over eighteen, you don’t need any experience or any equipment. Just watch our safety video, fill out a form, and you can boulder to your heart’s content!

Alternatively, you can book onto one of our Taster sessions. These are one-hour long sessions with our in-house instructors. They know the routes, they know the safety, they know how to make exercise fun for everyone! They will tailor your session to your experience level and troop’s age-range.

Finally, is your day driving you up the wall? Our auto-belays are for you. If you’ve got half an hour to kill, and haven’t climbed before, the auto-belay is a great way to find your feet with climbing. Simply clip in and enjoy running up our walls to your heart’s content. You will need to do an auto-belay induction but they take five minutes with one of our in-house instructors, and you only have to do it once!

Half-term break

The half-term break can be stressful; we get it. Which is why we have a range of options for you and the kids, to keep the boredom at bay. If you just want to give your young-spiders a wonderful, one-off climbing experience, then the casual kids’ clubs are for you. For those of you who want your children to learn the more technical side of climbing so they can keep themselves and their partner safe on the wall, we’ve got NICAS during the holidays. NICAS is a nationally-recognised indoor climbing award, that sets kids up on their journey into (hopefully) a long career in climbing, rather than a one-day experience.

We understand that the next few months are going to be tough money-wise, so we have done everything we can, to keep our session prices as low as possible. With hour-long session starting from as little as £11.50, it’s definitely worth a look for a fantastic experience in climbing!

Please visit This Page for our full range of kids climbing options. If you are looking to book a day and time slot for a session in which you are interested, but can’t see one that works for you, please give us a call on 01432 277716, and we’ll see how we can accommodate you.

We look forward to seeing you all this half term! Be sure to tag us in any posts on social media with @greenspiderclimbing and #WeAreSpiderClimbers so we can see how you get on 🙂

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