November Update – New Hours, UV Party & YCS Round-Up!

New opening times 

Let’s get the business bit out of the way, before the really good bits 🧐

From today (Monday 14th November), we will open at 10am on Mondays, which means four extra hours of climbing! You’re welcome, Hereford! 

Now for the extra ex-psych-ing bits! 

Youth Climbing Series 2022 

On Saturday 5th November, we had the privilege of hosting another YCS competition. We’re sorry (not sorry) about the extra busyness in the centre on that day, but we had the next generation of climbing all-stars proving their mettle.  

Round four of four. Bottom of the ninth. Roped climbing – no bouldering. This was the one; the one they all wanted. Months of painstaking training, getting up early to be driven all over the country to experience different route sets – parents, we salute you! – all came down to this one, too-close-to-Christmas, day.  

And then, like curry round a climber’s chops after a hard day at Wintour’s Leap, it was all over.  

Well done, young(ish) ones; you all climbed spectacularly! Your perseverance, strength and commitment in this astounding sport was a thing to behold on Saturday, and we thank you for being as passionate about it as us oldies are! Keep up the training; anything worth doing or having, takes time, resilience and enthusiasm, of which you clearly have jug-loads! 

A massive thanks to all the competitors; congratulations to the winners; thanks to the parents (the heroes behind all your young-ones’ endeavours); to the belayers; to the BMC, without whom we would not have a such a celebration-of-climbing to host! Finally, to the spectators and supporters – thank you everyone for coming! 


Spider By Night '22 Header Image

FRIDAY 9TH DECEMBER 2022! Be there or be a loser…with FOMO.

Spider by Night ’22 is going to be an absolute blast! We’ve got a UV Bouldering Comp, a Torchlight Roped Climbing Pairs Comp and loads more exciting activities in store for you!

We’ve got all the important info in one place over on our UV Party page so check that out! Get your glow sticks and bright clothing ready – we’ll see you there 😉

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