From Empty Walls to Re-opening

Empty walls.

It goes without saying that this has been a tough and challenging time, but to see our walls remaining empty day after day has been a stark reminder of the difficulties, hardship and loss that has been experienced since the spread of COVID-19 put many parts of the world into shut-down.

We know we’ve been quiet; the simple reality is that we’ve had no team members to deliver posts with the entire spider team on furlough.

We’re thankful for furlough and for the support that became available to our freelance instructors and setters – this is just for now and Spider Climbing will endeavour to continue to support all those who work for us and who make the running of our centres possible. We will come back together.

Spider Climbing Director Steve Ray has been the single point of operations looking after 3200 square foot of climbing centres (Red, White and Green Spider Climbing).

“Closing our walls at the start of this Pandemic was one of the most difficult but necessary decisions we have faced as a business. With the routes, boulder problems, café’s and sofa’s lying dormant for the last 12 weeks, the prospect of re-opening in early July is one we are excited for, but also a process we must get right.

“Although the risks of COVID-19 which resulted in our closure are reduced, we are very aware they are still present, and we will be looking at these very closely as we stage our re-opening across all our sites. Our main priority as always is the safety and well-being of our customers.

“The messages of support received have been very touching and I speak not just for myself but the whole Spider team when I extend our thank you for those messages.

“Special mention also goes to those who have kindly continued their memberships over lockdown, your contributions will not be forgotten, and we hope in the coming weeks to be able to repay that kindness.”

“For now, stay safe and I look forward to welcoming you all back to our walls.”

Steve, Spider Climbing Owner and Director

Thank you from Spider Climbing

Thank you for your cooperation with our COVID safety measures before lockdown and for your patience during our temporary closure. We know you’ve been climbing the walls stuck at home (literarily any wall going!) – it’s been amazing to see some creative home training and the impressive home wall builds.

We also know all too well how it feels to be stuck without opportunity to climb, how important climbing can be to wellbeing, and how so many of our climbers and team have not had any access to climbing or chances to train. We know it’s been tough, so thank you to all those who are supporting each other. Remember, resting is good! – and Spider Climbing will be back up and running in due course to help get you back to strength!

We’ve missed the communities at Red, Green and White Spider Climbing and it’s been incredible to see the kindness within the climbing community as a whole; with initiatives established by individuals and communities to support climbing walls in need and individuals who are without jobs.

We have also been so inspired by the volunteering and gestures of kindness shown within our staff team during this crisis. Among them, Ebony, our Centre Manager at Green Spider has tirelessly sewn scrubs and PPE for the NHS, Evie our Head Setter has been supporting two vulnerable people, shielding during lockdown, and our Maintenance Manager, Nigel, has been putting in the miles, delivering PPE where it most needed.


We are eagerly awaiting further announcements from the UK Government on opening. If guidance allows, our current target date is the 4th of July and we are fully preparing for a revitalised and COVID-secure reopening from then.

Currently we are working through all guidance from the Government, The ABC and BMC. At the moment all approaches are being considered and we will confirm more details as we know.

One confirmed change will be our new check-in and check-out procedure. This will play an important role in the management of the number of climbers in the building, so be sure to have your check in cards ready on opening day.

In addition, one-way systems within the walls and separate entrances and exits will help us to keep social distancing while keeping your sessions fun and enjoyable.

That’s all for now and be sure to keep up with the latest information here on our blog or our social media channels.


Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations