Covid-19 Restrictions Update: What’s Changed?

We’ve now been open for just over a month and we are loving having you back! It’s been great to see you all climbing again, and we’d like to thank you for following all of the guidance, rules and restrictions when climbing with us. Thanks to this and the success of the easing of restrictions so far, the government has announced that the country will be going ahead with the next phase of relaxations from 17th May. Here’s what the changes in coronavirus restrictions will mean for climbing at Green Spider; in line with ‘Step 3’ of the roadmap: 

What has changed? 

In groups of up to 6, or with one other household, following +1m social distancing, and wearing a mask, customers may: 

  • Eat and drink any café purchases indoors (to be consumed while seated) 
  • Arrange to meet socially indoors (note that the gov lockdown easing plan says they may be able to go further than 6 people or 2 households on 17th May, depending on the data) 
  • Rope climb with someone outside of your own household 
  • Attend adult and group classes, such as Beginners Courses and Boulder Inductions   
  • Bring their child and a child from another household for an auto-belay session together (max 2 children) 
  • Supervise novices from another household (max 2 climbers, and within your own level of competence) 

What has stayed the same? 

  • Masks must be worn indoors, unless actually climbing (i.e. on the wall), exercising in the gym or eating/drinking.  
  • We still need to follow appropriate social distancing guidelines, and remember #HandsFaceSpace 
  • We will continue to operate with a maximum capacity

As always, enjoy climbing and stay safe, Spiders! 

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Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations