Get Back to Climbing Safely

After too long without access to climbing, we’re all excited to be back on the wall.
However, it’s really important for any of us to remember – that when our bodies haven’t been used to climbing – we need to look after ourselves!

  • Skills can get rusty  
  •  We can be more likely to overdo it 
  • We can be more prone to injury 😬 
    The last thing any of us would want now is more time off climbing due to injury! 

If you feel like you need a skills refresher or like technique coaching could help boost your return to climbing, book in for a private session at Green Spider to help you get back to climbing safely. Brushing up on belaying skills or climbing technique can help keep you and those around you safe!

Useful reading: ‘How to Get Back to Grips with Climbing Post-Lockdown’ – We’re all feeling differently about our return to climbing; we’re at different stages and have different perspectives and motivations. This can be a ‘pick and read’ type article with pieces for many to associate with, and it can guide you to more reading too!

For more information on Private Sessions and Coaching check out our online booking page.

Let’s stay safe Spiders!


Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations