Youth Open Results


On Friday 25th July White Spider Climbing hosted the BMC Lead Youth Open 2014.


There was some fantastic climbing from all categories and some inspirational climbing from the finalists! 

'The lead event on Friday was held on the relatively short walls of the White Spider, meaning that the routes were short and sharp and packed a real bouldery punch. The qualifiers produced really determined efforts from those that made the finals, with everyone giving it maximum effort in the heat.' – BMC


Routes where set by Yann Genoux and Mike Langley; Challenging in different ways and served up some great variety for the climbers .. and thrilling to watch! 


Lead results: Official Competiton Results



Male Junior

1st Connor Byrne

2nd Ellis Butler Barker

3rd Buster Martin


Male A

1st Timo Zheng

2nd Jim Pope

3rd James Nugent


Male B

1st Cameron McLoughlin

2nd Dominic Vincent

3rd David Taylor


Male C

1st Oliver Graham

2nd Sam Bullock

3rd Nathan Whaley


Junior Female

1st Sarah Pashley

2nd Phoebe Nelson

3rd Naomi Tilley


Female A

1st Ellissa Bryant

2nd Olivia Corrigan

3rd Katie Williams


Female B

1st Hannah Slaney

2nd Rebecca Kinghorn

3rd Imogen Horrocks


Female C

1st Emily Phillips

2nd Kitty Morrison

3rd Pippa Watkin

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations