YCS Final 2014 by Beth

Here's a great write- up from Performace Squad member Beth, who placed 5th at this years BMC Youth Climbing Series Competition.

'The Final at Ratho by Beth

Beth - White Spider Climbing


Ratho is such an amazing climbing centre. It is huge and the walls are very high! Chris and I went to see it on the Thursday before the competition and we were able to climb the highest wall which was fun. On the Friday, we  went to Edinbrugh on the tram and even climbed up the Scott Monument…it was 287 steps!!  The hotel was great and we had fun in the swimming pool… Immy and Tom were there too J .  


On the day of the competition, we got there early with Be and picked up our competition t shirts and regional hoodies with our names on. We had a look at the routes and Be, Libby and Robin talked me through them.  There was a group talk about the rules and a group warm up, then the 33 competitors in each group were split into two groups, X and Y. I had the first three boulder routes and the first two top rope routes  first and flashed them all so I was in a good position. We had to do the third top rope route next and it looked quite tricky with lots of small crimpy holds. I was up second but I didn’t mind because I  just wanted to get on with it, as we had been waiting around a lot by then. I took a deep breath and took it slowly and steadily and remembered to breathe like Andre told me to. I had a really good climb and only came off really close to the top so I got a really good score of 97 which I was happy with for the hardest route.


Then there was another couple of hours before I got to climb the second route…no one at all had managed to complete it and I was worried because there were four nasty slopers  in a row. I took it slowly and again I did really well to get to near the top and my foot  just slipped off  missing out on the last hold where but I  got a great score of 97  so I was happy with that. Overall I got 474 points out of a maximum of 480 and came 5th place…I was only 4 points off the winning score so it was all so close at the top of my girls group D.  Matilda won, which I was really happy about because she is a really nice and such a good climber and one of my London and South East team mates!  


Everyone from White Spider did so well and we were super happy and excited particularly because our region won the Team trophy and we got to go up and collect it…Hurray J. It was a great day and such a fun experience. I loved being there with my White Spider team mates and meeting lots of other girls who are really great climbers. I am going to work hard now at my lead climbing now so that I can try and get there again next year!!'


Well Done White Spider Performance Squad, you all did amazing! 


The White Spider Team

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations