Green Spider 2019 Bouldering League

Important I

Important Information & Rules

The bouldering league is run at Green spider in Hereford on the second Thursday & Friday of every other month.

Round 1 – 9th and/or 10th May 2019

Round 2 – 11th and/or 12th July 2019

Round 3 – 12th and/or 13th September 2019

Round 4 – 7th and/or 8th November 2019

In order to cause the least inconvenience to our customers whilst the wall is being reset we do a 50/50 strip and reset of the bouldering wall meaning that there is always one part of the wall open.

Our setters will work through the day on Thursday to reset one half of the wall, once this has been completed it will be open for people to climb on. They will then reset the other half on Friday and fully re-open the wall on Friday evening.

If you are taking part in the bouldering league you can pick up a score card on Thursday evening and climb this half of the wall counting your scores. You can then return on the Friday when the other half is complete to climb the other half of the problems that are in the competition. Alternatively, you can just come down on the Friday and climb all the problems in one evening.

The bouldering competition is free to enter, you just pay your entry to the wall.

The league adds up your scores for each round and prizes are given at the end of the league for the overall winner.

The overall winner is calculated by adding the 3 of your best round scores together which means that you could miss a round or if you don’t do particularly well in one round but really well in all other rounds then those best scores will be counted.

Scorecards are filled out by yourselves and are based on honesty. You score 10 points for 1st attempt, 7 points for 2nd attempt, 4 points for 3rd attempt, 1 point for 4+ attempts.

Each problem that is included in the competition will have a number next to it on the start tag. This directly correlates to the numbers on the score cards.

All score cards must be clearly named and handed to Meg on Friday evening to count in the league.

We will display a running total of people’s round scores and overall league scores in the wall.

If you are ever unsure of how the competition works please talk to one of the friendly members of the Green Spider Team.

Good Luck!

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations

Alternative Spider Climbing Locations